Effective multilingual email marketing

Get helpful insights, easy-to-follow tips, and useful resources to manage client communication in multiple languages successfully.

What you will learn:

  • Why make your email marketing multilingual.

  • How to prepare for multilingual email marketing.

  • How to detect recipients’ language preferences.

  • How to deliver emails to recipients in the right language(s).

  • Hidden problems and how to address them.


How do I translate my email into another language?

Email translation is a way more complex process than it seems at first sight. Yet it’s doable.
Before you do translate your emails, you need to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • detect your customers’ language preferences;

  • translate your website into the chosen languages;

  • translate all necessary landing pages, including “Thank you for your order/feedback/etc.” and “Unsubscribe” pages.

Only then may you proceed to email translation — all the possible methods are described in the eBook.

The delivery method also plays an important role here.
You may choose:

  • segmenting;

  • scripting;

  • dynamic content.

How do you write a professional email translation?

To make your translations professional, using only an online translator is not enough. You need to:

  • proofread the texts; 

  • you need to localize these translations;

  • you need to consider differences in tones of voice between countries, units of measurement, currencies, scripts like RTL and LTR, the way people write dates, etc.

Do emails automatically translate?

Email services like Gmail and others do offer the “Translate email” option once a recipient sees an email in a language different from their browser language. Yet, such translations are done automatically; thus, they are inaccurate. We suggest you never rely on them and never make your recipients use this option.

What are the rules for email translation?

The main rule here is to consider cultural differences. In other words, localize your emails before sending them.

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