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13 April

Preview and Send Test Email in Stripo

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You’ve built an email and are ready to send it out to recipients? We strongly recommend that you send a test email to yourself to make sure that it looks exactly as you wanted both on mobile and desktop devices, with no rendering issues.

In this post, we’ll show how to:

  1. Preview emails both on mobile and desktop devices;

  2. Get a shareable link to spread among colleagues and clients for approval;

  3. Send a test email.

Important to note

  • we provide a certain number of test emails daily, according to your plan. Please, visit this page to check out the number of test emails available for you;

  • you test not only the email design, but the subject line and the pre-header, also;

  • test emails will not show you as the sender, as you set these parameters in your ESP(s);

  • prior to sending a test email, please use our check-list to make sure that your email is done according to the email standards.

1. How to preview emails both on mobile and desktop devices

The HTML email preview shows how your email will render on recipients devices.

Stripo HTML Email Preview

To enter the preview mode, you need to:

  • click the “Preview” button above the template;

Stripo Test Emails Preview Mode

  • after this, you will see your screen divided in two:
    a) desktop preview in the left part;
    b) mobile preview in the right part of email;

Stripo Sending Test Emails Preview

  • you can scroll them down to see the full email;

  • in this mode, you can:
    a) play the video;
    b) try out if rollover effect or other interactive element work;
    c) test all URL links;

  • to get back to your template, click either “back to the editor” arrow or the “esc” button.

Stripo Preview Your Email Escape the Preview Mode

Important to mention:

You cannot test the subject line and preheader text here.

Due to various devices dimensions, due to different rendering rules in numerous email clients, we cannot guarantee that your email will look exactly the same as shown in the preview mode.

2. How to get a shareable link to spread among colleagues and clients for approval

To spread your built email among colleagues and clients for approval, you’ll need a shareable link.

To get this link, you need to:

  • enter the preview mode;
  • above your email, click the “Copy” button or the “open in new tab” button.

Stripo Send Test Email Get the Shareable Links

Important to mention:

Having opened this link in a new window, you’ll get to see your subject line and the preheader about the template.

Stripo Test HTML Email Subject Line

3. How to send a test email

In fact, it’s very easy to send test email with Stripo.

Stripo Test HTML Email

To test email template, you need to:

  • click the “test” button above your email template. It looks like a plane;

Stripo Send Test Email Button

  • in the pop-up window, enter your email address;

  • if you want to send an HTML email test to a few addresses, separate them with commas;

Stripo Send Email Numer of Email Addreses

  • check your Inbox.

Please, test all the links in your email. How? Click each of them and see where it takes you to.

Like we previously said, you cannot test your sender name with Stripo. Yet, you can test the subject line and the preheader.

This is what I just received:

Stripo Test HTML Email Checking my Inbox

Important to mention:

If you’ve added interactive elements in your emails, you need to test HTML email on as many devices and in as many email clients as possible. Send test emails to your colleagues, friends, to everyone who won’t mind it, to see if interactivity works in the world’s top email clients.

Final thoughts

Soon, we will integrate with Email on Acid. This tool shows how your email renders on like 80 devices and in like 20 email clients. Moreover, it will enable our users to check their emails for accessibility, for the links and even for the spam rate.

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