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14 best ideas for St Valentine's email newsletters

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Table of contents
  1. Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas
  2. St Valentine’s Day email subject lines
  3. Wrapping up
Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday when lovers express their feelings, and marketers come up with different campaign ideas to earn customer appreciation and profit. Key statistics show how impactful this holiday actually is for marketing:

  • consumers associate Valentine’s Day with “shopping” 131% more than with “love”;
  • consumers spent an estimated $26 billion on Valentine’s Day–related purchases in 2023;
  • the average consumer spent $192 on Valentine’s Day shopping;
  • 52% of the US population celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Impressive, isn’t it? While many of us celebrate this holiday, we should not forget to provide a first-class experience to subscribers through email newsletters. It’s time to generate ideas for the upcoming event.

Searching for fresh Valentine’s Day newsletter ideas to win new and please existing customers? Search no more! See how the world’s top brands nail holiday campaigns to fuel your inspiration.

Get inspired by the ideas listed below and implement them in our holiday email templates in no time.

Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas

These ideas implemented by famous brands will spice up your Valentine's Day email campaigns.

1. Cut prices big for Valentine's Day email campaign

This is what customers expect from us during holidays. While they search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, companies should offer just that.

Value propositions and discounts are the core of any marketing campaign. And St. Valentine’s Day email newsletters are no exception. “Wrap” your offer in a way that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Discounts on Sweet Gifts in Valentine's Day Email Campaign

(Source: Email from M&M's)

2. Exchange a digital gift card or discount for a love story

If you lack customer comments on your website or want to offer a coupon in exchange for a favor, here’s an idea for your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign: announce that you will give away $10, $20, or $30 to people who will share their love stories on your website. The mandatory condition is that they share a photo of them together. Or you may ask for a love confession published on your website with a photo attached as well.

Love Valentine's Day Newsletters _ Marketing Ideas to Provide Discounts

(Source: Email from Prezzo)

With love in the air during this holiday, we all want to shout out about love and our deepest feelings. Thus, subscribers are more likely to express love and enjoy such Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Not only will this enliven your newsletters, but it will also drive more traffic to your website.

3. Suggest ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift

You can make life easier for your customers if you suggest a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their loved ones.

Valentine's Day Email Marketing Campaign _ Gift Ideas

(Source: Email from Victoria's Secret)

Most Valentine’s Day emails are filled with gift ideas for women. So please, do not forget about men on this day!

Valentine's Email Ideas for Digital Marketing _ Gifts for Men

(Source: Email from Tiffany & Co)

Who said we could only celebrate our significant others on this special day? We can also gift kids, parents, and even grandparents. Suggest a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for partners, and also share ideas on what to buy for other family members, too. Besides, this is a great opportunity to engage a wider audience.

Take a look at this St. Valentine’s Day newsletter sample. It’s marvelous.

Valentine's Day Email Design with a Special Message for Your Target Audience

(Source: Email from Brighton)

4. Advice on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s thoughtful and caring not only to offer gift ideas but also to suggest a plan for this day in your Valentine’s Day email newsletter. Yes! Plan the whole day. Share your ideas along with some world-famous traditions. Couples of all ages will appreciate it.

 Valentine's Day Gift Idea to Earn Customers' Appreciation _ Stripo

(Source: Email from Lo&Sons)


5. Help with last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

Remember that your email newsletter sent on February 11 will be of great use to those unsure about what to buy at the last minute. Remind them that this is their last chance for on-time delivery to ensure a happy Valentine’s Day.

Stripo Valentine's day Email _ Subject Lines and Content

(Source: Email-Competitors)

And certainly, there will be those who’ll realize Valentine’s Day itself that they’ve been too busy to buy presents. Sending St. Valentine’s Day email reminders in the morning on February 14 will be a big help.

(Source: Email from Victoria's Secret)

6. Help with a proposal

Did you know that February 14 is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged? If you run a restaurant or a jewelry shop, notify clients via a Valentine’s Day email campaign that you can help them set the stage for a Hollywood-like proposal.

If you own a jewelry store, tell subscribers which ring styles are trendy this year.

Valentine's Day Subject Lines and Emails to Help Choose a Ring

(Source: Email from Tiffany & Co.)

7. Spread the love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday on which many people reveal their feelings to their crushes. And you can help your clients express their affection to their significant others. Help those who are indecisive or seeking an original way to declare their love. Play Cupid and help share the love.

Valentine’s Day Email From Frank Body

(Source: Email from Frank Body)

8. Cheer up single hearts

While getting ready for your Valentine’s Day email campaign, think about those single hearts who are not going to celebrate it this year. Cheer them up, as they might feel lonely on this day. Create a supportive Valentine’s Day email newsletter. Be their sweetheart.

Encourage everyone to treat themselves on this holiday. It’s unlikely anyone will pass up a small free gift or the chance to buy themselves a present at a discount.

Gifts from You to You _ Eye-Catching V-Day Newsletters by Monica Vinader

(Source: Email from Monica Vinader)

9. Utilize gamification to celebrate Valentine's Day

Entertain your customers on Valentine’s Day!

Ask them tricky questions about your company. How many promo emails a month do you send? When was your company founded? How do you pronounce your brand’s name?

You can offer winners a digital gift card, a personal discount, or free shipping. It’s up to you! Generous coupons and perfect gift guides are often winners for B2C Valentine’s Day emails.

By the way, we did our own test for Valentine’s Day and created an email with an interactive element; the results amazed us. This experiment netted us a CTR 10 times higher than usual. So don’t hesitate to add interactive elements and games to your holiday email; you’re bound to notice a positive impact. If you want to know more about interactive emails and how to gamify them, read our special Email Gamification eBook, which covers all the ins and outs of that process.

10. Tell a love story

Storytelling in emails is a new trend in 2024. It allows you to create unique emails and become closer to your audience.

Valentine's Day is a great occasion to tell a romantic story in an email. You can also craft a story about friendship, gratitude, loved ones, or any other uplifting message that fits your brand.

Love Story From Ritual Co

(Source: Email from Ritual Co)

11. Be a problem solver in your email campaigns

Let your users focus on the holidays, shopping, and romantic speeches, while you cover their backs!

Be a Problem Solver for Your Clients

(Source: Email from Porsche)

Are you running a hotel or a movie theater? Help your clients on this day! Let them know they will not have any problem with parking if they reserve a table or buy tickets from you.

Or share the most romantic spots to visit on this day. Use your rich imagination, but remember to provide useful content to your clients.

St Valentine's Day Email Marketing Ideas

(Source: Email from Forbes Travel Guide)

12. Add videos to Valentine's Day emails

With videos, you can either congratulate your customers on this holiday and spread some fun or express your gratitude.

Valentine's Day Email Marketing Ideas _ Add Videos

(Source: Email from Charity: Water)

13. Let your customers feel special

People hear dozens of “I love you”, “I like you,” and “I cherish you” from their friends, colleagues, neighbors, and, of course, from their beloved ones on this day. Don’t be an exception. Tell the customers how much you value and cherish them.

Valentine’s Day Email From Kikki.K

(Source: Email from Kikki.K)

14. Start marketing campaign today

If you own a B2C company that sells special gifts for people in love, you should start your Valentine's Day email campaign way before the holiday. People need time to choose what they want and get presents delivered on time.

St Valentine’s Day email subject lines

In regular newsletters, about 25% of recipients make the decision whether to open the message by reading the subject line. While for Valentine’s Day, this number is 30%.

No matter what the goal of your St Valentine’s newsletter is, you need to put it straight in the subject line. Be very specific yet concise.

Some examples of nice subject lines by famous brands:

  • This Valentine’s Day, Reach for the Stars — Tiffany & Co.
  • Announcing $20 gifts for your valentine — Gap.
  • Hanna, Discover New Tiffany Designs for Valentine’s Day — Tiffany & Co.
  • Love is in the air — Nike.
  • Hanna, Order Now! One More Week for Valentine’s Day Delivery — Tiffany & Co.
  • Reserve that special spot this Valentine’s Day — Porsche.
  • Sporty Valentines Gifts ❤️— Decathlon.
  • Be nature's Valentine: Join WWF's Race for Love — WWF's Panda Nation.
  • Roses Are Boring, Chocolates Are Too… — Hipmunk.
  • 50% off > having a Valentine 💘— LuckyBrand.
  • A Heart for YOU or Your Valentine — Brighton.
  • Late on Love? — Nike.
  • 5 over-the-top Valentine's Day getaways — Forbes Travel Guide.
  • Inside: Valentine's Day Shades — Athleta.
  • We wrote a poem for you — Really Good Emails
  • My Valentine’s gift guide — M&M’s.
  • Start dropping the hints — Prezzo.
  • Exclusive: enjoy our special offer and give a watch this Valentine’s Day | FREE SHIPPING — Ferrari.
  • *hint* *hint* — Chubbies.
  • A heartfelt exclusive — Herschel.
  • Valentine’s Makeup Looks You’ll ❤️— Maybelline New York.
  • ❤Valentine, It's Not Too Late — Brighton.
  • Make your St Valentine’s Campaign Elegant — Stripo.
  • Find the perfect gift with our Valentine's gift guide — Monica Vinader.
  • 50% Off Valentine's Day Gifts — M&M's.
  • A Tiffany Gift for Your Valentine — Tiffany & Co.

Wrapping up

This is the most romantic holiday worldwide. So, our Valentine's Day email marketing requires our close attention.

When should you start sending out your Valentine's email newsletters? At least a month before the holiday. A week or two before the holiday, send emails to those who may have forgotten about the holiday. On the very holiday, send an email with warm wishes and tell your loyal customers how much you care for them.

To achieve the best results during this romantic holiday, your email campaign should:

  • meet clients' interests;
  • be well-designed;
  • include a concise subject line;
  • cheer up single hearts;
  • offer ideas on how to celebrate the holiday;
  • help men and women pick good gifts;
  • express your love.
Use our St Valentine’s Day templates to build elegant campaigns in no time
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