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30 September 2021

Halloween Email Examples & Subject Lines for Your Inspiration

Stripo / Blog / Halloween Email Examples & Subject Lines for Your Inspiration

Halloween email campaigns are waiting for us, friends. As you all remember, we have to get ready for the big holidays in advance.

In this article, you will find lots of Halloween email examples and examples of powerful subject lines to get you inspired.

Halloween Email Template_Prebuilt Templates_Stripo

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Halloween email subject lines

Why do we start with the subject line? Because in order to surprise our customers with engaging Holiday emails, we need to encourage them to open our emails first.

When it comes to Halloween email campaigns, you should forget about clickbait subjects like “Buy or die”, "Only treats inside", “Trick or Treat”, and so on, as our inboxes are filled with emails like this.

  1. Party time: It’s Alive… Let the Spookification begin!

  2. Party City: Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Help You Boo Yo.

  3. Joan: So Good! It’s scary...

  4. Vermont Teddy Bear: Once in a Full Moon.

  5. Universal Orlando Resort: Just announced! Things are getting Strange!

  6. Esquire: The 32 Scariest Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

  7. GapCash: Don't ghost our Halloween PJs!

  8. Maybelline New York: It’s An UnBOOlievable Halloween Giveaway!

  9. Fine Gardening: Halloween is Harrisburg!

  10. LALALAB: Boo to you! 25% off if you weren’t scared!

  11. Etsy: You can still be a unicorn!

  12. Mailigen: Hurry up! The bats are taking it away!

  13. Open If You Dare!

  14. GearBest: MONSTER DEALS ONLY | Prices Shredded just in Time for Halloween!

  15. Flying Tiger: Hooked on Halloween.

  16. Very scary… No more bin bag witch.

  17. Merlin Entertainments: WATCH OUT! It's behind you…

  18. Hobby Lobby: Get your SCARE on!

  19. World Market: Eeek!

  20. TaiPanTrading: The Witch is IN! Shop Now for Enchanting Halloween Décor!

  21. HOT TOPIC: Don’t go out alone!

  22. Spencer’s: Living Dead Dolls... Scared Yet?

  23. Spencer’s: You've Been Warned!

  24. YOURS: Scream for Halloweeeeen!

  25. Hot Topic: Skellington in your closet —> skeletons in your closet.

  26. Briggs and Riley: A True Horror Story!

  27. PupLife Dog Supplies: Dog Halloween Safety Tips.

  28. Amerimark: Forget monsters... Beware of missing this Halloween Sale!

  29. Peter Alexander: Dress Like a Nightmare, Sleep Like A Dream!

  30. Converse: Mystery Coupon Inside.

  31. Hhgregg: Just when you thought it was safe to open your email…

  32. Put a spell on you?

  33. Brighton: New Halloween Charms.

  34. Rona: Scary? Haunted? Mysterious? You decide!

  35. Party City: Scare up a frightfully fun Halloween!

  36. Crate and Barrel: Take a peek if you dare.

  37. ShopYourWay: Don’t be a CHICKEN. Go do something on Halloween!

  38. BustedTees: Eye Scream...You Scream... Ice Cream.

  39. Hallmark Cards: Think it's too early for Halloween? We say boo!

  40. Brooklinen: Oh SHEET! It's almost Halloween.

Now that we know how to write a catchy subject line for Halloween emails, let us proceed to some great email examples.

Or you can use our prebuilt Halloween email templates to design holidays emails in no time

Examples of powerful Halloween email campaigns

Looking for ideas for Halloween emails? We will share 10 emails that impressed us. We hope you will love them too.

1. Creepy Halloween email by NiftyImages

Every little detail matters when it comes to Halloween email design.

Scary Halloween Emails_Spookiest Email Design

(Source: Email from NiftyImages)

Blood drops, scratches… this all complements the email design and the mood of the holiday.

2. Halloween email gamification by Stripo

Everyone has their fears and nightmares. Kids, for instance, are afraid of school or the absence of sweets for holidays. While for email marketers, newsletter emails going to SPAM are the biggest fear. And we in our Halloween email campaign let marketers win over spam.

(Source: Email from Stripo)

Well, of course, we built this game just to let users have a little fun, because we know that holidays are about Sales and Fun.

3. The “Sweetest” Halloween email by M&M’s

Sweets as treats are among the first things that come to our minds when we think about Halloween. 

(Source: Email from M&M’s)

What we loved about this email is that the company used its Brand Hero for this Holiday email.

4. Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Orlando Resort

When building the design of your emails related to the holidays it would be nice to remember that they have to reflect the mood of those holidays. 

Halloween Email Ideas_Horror Movies

(Source: Email from Universal Orlando Resort)

The image in this email reminds me of Horror Movies, which is nice for scary Halloween emails. 

5. Halloween email gamification by Litmus

Who said that holidays are only supposed to be scary? They can bring fun! How can you entertain customers on this day?

Gamification as one of the Best Halloween Newsletter Ideas

(Source: Email from Litmus)

Gamification is one of the best Halloween newsletter ideas that really work!

6. Holiday sale… by Stripo

This Halloween email template is the definition of the laconic offer. No extra words, no excessive information — just the amount of the discount.

Halloween Email Design_Dedicated Prebuilt Email Template

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7. Smart use of GIFs in Halloween emails by Universal Orlando Resort

GIFs draw recipients' attention to a certain offer or a certain section of your email.

(Source: Email from Universal Orlando Resort)

Please be advised that you are not supposed to add more than one GIF to your Holiday email. Or at least you need to make sure that there are no more than one GIFs per scroll to avoid seizures among recipients who have photosensitive epilepsy. 

8. Brooklinen solves the problems

Remember one of the cardinal rules in email marketing: You do not have to sell products or services, you have to solve your clients’ problems and heal their pains. In other words, be a problem solver for your recipients to build long-lasting relationships with them.

At the beginning of the Halloween email, Brooklinen said, “No Costume? No problem”. And shared four different costume ideas users can make using just an old bed sheet.

Halloween Newsletter Ideas_Be a Problem Solver

(Source: Email from Brooklinen)

A well-thought-out offer sometimes beats the most colorful design.

9. Product in action by the Homemade

We are not showing this template here just because it is ours. We are doing it because of its design and the content.

As we mentioned before, you need to be a problem solver for your clients. And in this email, we suggest that you share some recipes with your recipients.

Ideas for Halloween Emails_Be Supportive

And also we loved its design. Especially the banner of this “scary” Halloween email.

Use this template to start on your Halloween email campaign right away
Use it

10. Exclusive offers for loyal clients by Victoria’s Secret

Don’t forget to praise loyal customers for being with you. Offer them a special discount or notify them about a general sale way before you notify other clients.

Halloween Email Marketing_Exclusive Offers for Special Clients

(Source: Email from Victoria’s Secret)

Final thoughts 

We hope the Halloween email examples, shown above, will help you make your emails a little more creative and fun.

And sure do not be afraid to use builders like Stripo to save your time creating spectacular, magnificent, magical, and impressive Halloween emails!

Build engaging Halloween emails in no time with Stripo

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