24 May 2023

The most popular and useful email marketing blogs to follow

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Table of contents
  1. Criteria for choosing the best email marketing blogs
  2. The best email design services and tools blogs
  3. The best ESPs and automation solutions blogs
  4. The omnichannel marketing platforms' blogs
  5. Blogs of digital marketers, experts, and agencies
  6. Blogs of educational resources and specialized media
  7. Wrapping up
Criteria for choosing the best email marketing blogs

If you are in any way involved in the world of marketing, you know how hard it can be to find blog articles containing high-quality, up-to-date information. To help, we’ve combined all our favorite resources in one place. Feel free to use our list of email marketing blogs to find the best for yourself.

Criteria for choosing the best email marketing blogs

First, let's figure out what a good email specialist — or any other specialist who wants to learn more about email marketing — should obtain from an email marketing blog:

  • basic marketing knowledge, since email marketing is part of any overall strategy for promoting brands and products;
  • email marketing strategies, so you will know what types of emails to send and how to build email sequences that get results;
  • trends and principles of email design and copywriting;
  • email marketing best practices, which can be incorporated into your email marketing strategy
  • skills with different email marketing tools and knowledge of the technical details of the necessary ESP, which ensures that the sender has a good reputation and that their emails go into the inbox instead of the spam folder.

If you look quickly through different blogs, it may seem that each brand essentially describes these points. But how to choose the right blogs? How to define high-quality articles? The main criterion is that they give you answers to questions. Yes, that's very simple, but only a few blogs follow this principle.

Now, let's move on to the top email marketing blogs to find out which topics each explores in-depth and what questions they can help you with.

The best email design services and tools blogs

The first group of blogs consists of companies that create useful and innovative email marketing products that speed up the creation of email campaigns. These blogs usually cover marketing best practices and include step-by-step tips for using different email tools.

1. Stripo email marketing blog

It's hard to imagine a list of top email marketing blogs that doesn’t include our own. And in case you've never met us before, let us introduce ourselves.

We are a drag-n-drop email template builder that helps clients, even those with no coding skills, to automate and speed up their email production process. We provide advanced tools for building dynamic AMP emails, a personal library of custom modules, an email testing tool, and advanced integration with 70+ ESPs.

Stripo's blog _ Best email marketing blogs

Our email marketing blog has posts on the following topics:

  • email design (with examples and free email templates for campaigns in each article);
  • email marketing best practices and tips;
  • the most popular email marketing tools;
  • email module structure and its various components;
  • how-to posts that teach you how to get the most out of our email template builder; 
  • use cases and business cases that show how email marketing works.

Thanks to the convenient search bar, you can easily find the topic you’re looking for.

Searching in Stripo online marketing blog

If you don't have a specific question, just sort posts by newest or popular and discover a world of neat and effective email design.

2. The MailBakery email marketing blog

The next resource that complements the catalog of email marketing blogs to follow is MailBakery, a company that offers ready-made and custom-order email templates.

Popular email marketing blogs _ MailBakery


Although the browsing structure of this blog is only so-so, it does feature exciting and valuable posts on improving campaign success, correcting conversion, email marketing automation, and more. While sections of the blog could be more practical, with a little patience you'll find essential information.

3. Litmus email marketing blog

Litmus is the all-in-one email marketing platform that empowers you to build, personalize, test, review, and analyze emails.

Litmus email marketing solutions

We keep a close eye on the Litmus blog and its updates because it researches and collects verified email marketing statistics across the entire industry. Litmus authors also keep track of all the news and trends and are among the first to share them on the blog’s pages.

If you’re looking for an example of a successful email marketing campaign, you can also get that here, making the Litmus blog a must-read for email marketers.

4. Email on Acid email marketing blog

Email on Acid perfectly fulfills its job of streamlining the email testing process so its clients can be sure about the quality and appearance of their emails in users’ inboxes. Stripo is integrated with Email on Acid.

Best in the email marketing industry _ Email on Acid

The Email on Acid blog has five sections: email development, email marketing, email deliverability, EoA news, and industry news. Although they’ve apparently decided not to complicate the system (a good decision), you can still easily find high-quality posts on relevant, up-to-date topics.

The best ESPs and automation solutions blogs

ESPs and email marketing automation platforms are companies whose main task is to provide email marketers with all the tools they need to ensure that email marketing efforts do not go to waste. Sending emails, analytics, and automation are the three key topics followed closely in such blogs.

5. Omnisend blog

Omnisend presents itself as an email, SMS, and push-marketing automation solution for those specialists who have gone far beyond formulaic goals and standard tools. Pretty good, huh? So, what about their blog?

Most popular email marketing blogs _ Omnisend

Soft design and accurate posts—what a great combo. In addition, you can also browse those posts by popular, email marketing, SMS marketing, omnichannel marketing, eCommerce research, product news, and events. For now, we are primarily interested in the email marketing section.

There are currently 14 pages of posts. Each post requires 4-9 minutes of your time, which translates to a total of about 900 hours of reading. It’s time well spent.

6. Campaign Monitor digital marketing blog

Campaign Monitor is a popular ESP and software development brand that lets marketers send personalized emails.

To fully appreciate Campaign Monitor’s useful digital and email marketing content, visit the "Resources" page and its subsections. While some companies combine subsections under "Blog," Campaign Monitor takes a more chaotic approach to its content.

Campaign Monitor _ Blog about email marketing campaigns

Their blog provides materials about email-sending best practices, A/B testing, email deliverability, and more.

7. Mailchimp blog

Mailchimp is an ESP primarily for small businesses. Hard to imagine an email specialist who hasn’t started their career with this email marketing tool. However, there are also other email software like Mailchimp available.

Best email marketing blogs _ Mailchimp

The Mailchimp blog provides email marketing trends, marketing tips, detailed guides, and tutorials to help you get started with email marketing and the platform itself.

Unfortunately, the blog doesn't have a coherent structure, so choose "Email marketing" in the "Marketing library" section and scroll to search for topics.

At the same time, each article contains comprehensive information on the topic at hand and its ideal layout and structure enable you to develop an understanding of email marketing that will allow you to create successful email marketing campaigns.

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8. Vertical Response email marketing resource center

Vertical Response is email marketing software that allows you to conduct online surveys. The Vertical Response blog, a.k.a. the “Email marketing resource center,” has quite an extensive section division.

Best email marketing tips _ Vertical Response

Collected in the blog are topics covering email marketing, email building, and marketing design, as well as tips about email subject lines, numerous examples of responsive email templates, and great ideas for your future email marketing campaigns.

Choose the most suitable one and enjoy it.

9. AWeber blog

The next spot on our list of favorite email marketing blogs belongs to AWeber, an email marketing platform that provides email and automation solutions for businesses.

How to build email marketing strategies with AWeber

The AWeber blog offers email marketing tips and includes up-to-date information on guides, articles, live webinars, case studies on industry trends, email deliverability, template design, and social media. Click on the Categories tab in the top right corner and start digging into a subsection.

10. Mailjet blog

Another email service provider with a great blog is Mailjet. Mailjet is a platform for designing and sending email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automated emails.

When you first hit the blog, pay attention to the original visual design of each article and the page as a whole. You’ll want to read everything at once, and the materials will satisfy your desire for a useful, fresh look at email marketing.

Implement the digital marketing strategy with Mailjet

Currently, the blog has more than 700 posts divided into sections such as news, email marketing, deliverability, design, collaboration, transactional email, and automation. Also available are free guides and research reports on everything you need to know about email.

11. GetResponse marketing blog

GetResponse is a platform for sending emails, growing email lists, and the automation of communication. It provides email marketing services, easy website builders, and tools for eCommerce marketing.

Email marketing tips in GetResponse blog

The blog articles cover these main topics, but what we like most about the GetResponse blog is the attention they pay to critical trends in email marketing, such as AI for content writing and personalization in email marketing, and that they take care of their readers by offering a convenient rubricator of more than 20 categories.

12. Moosend marketing blog

Moosend is a popular modern email marketing software that delivers email marketing and automation experiences. They offer solutions for email marketing and CRM tools and provide constructors for developing landing pages, subscription forms, and eCommerce projects.

Great example of email marketing space

The Moosend marketing blog is an excellent example of the use of inbound marketing. They write a lot about tips and tricks for email newsletter design and show many beautiful examples of email templates.

The omnichannel marketing platforms' blogs

The peculiarity of omnichannel platform blogs is that they contain articles that address all areas of digital marketing. We have chosen those sites that pay sufficient attention to email marketing and which deliver meaningful content.

13. HubSpot digital marketing blog

HubSpot is a venerable platform that is beloved by many, just like the Beatles at their best. The company provides software for numerous marketing solutions and also has a vast collection of articles, guides, and eBooks on marketing, sales, service, and website themes.

Content marketing and social media marketing blog _ HubSpot

Sections on the email marketing blog page are divided by levels:

  • beginner: build strong email marketing skills through reading guides and best practices;
  • intermediate: delve more deeply into email marketing;
  • advanced: addresses marketing strategy, vision, and development.

The HubSpot blog is also home to the Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing.

14. Yespo marketing automation blog

Yespo is an omnichannel CDP for large and medium-sized eCommerce. Thanks to Yespo, companies can collect and combine user data from the site, mobile applications, offline, and direct channels to segment and further personalize communications.

Top digital marketing blog _ Yespo

Yespo's blog is filled with helpful information on all topics related to digital marketing and marketing automation processes. Thanks to its convenient rubricator, you can easily find the article you need, as articles are divided into groups for beginners and experts and the most popular materials are highlighted. Email marketing practices is a topic examined in particular depth.

Here you can find posts on such topics as:

  • marketing automation;
  • email newsletter design and copywriting;
  • email deliverability and segmentation; 
  • tips on developing an email marketing strategy.

15. Marketo blog

Marketo Engage, a division of Adobe Experience Cloud, bills itself as a marketing automation platform and a solution that helps to attract, segment, and nurture customers — from discovery to biggest fan.

Marketing solutions and best email marketing practices _ Blog Marketo

The Marketo Engage blog looks closely at such topics as event marketing, artificial intelligence, customer experience, content marketing, and email marketing as parts of the whole digital marketing strategy. Simply pick the relevant tag, and voila! — the posts are well-segmented.

16. Constant Contact blog

Constant Contact provides small business owners with tools for online marketing, and is ideal for those who need tools and guidance to find, attract, and engage customers.

Constant contact blog _ Internet marketing and industry news for small businesses

The most exciting categories on the Constant Contact blog are email marketing concepts, social media marketing, small business marketing tips, and seasonal marketing. We especially liked the Seasonal Marketing section of this blog, which contains articles to help marketers develop themes and ideas for email marketing campaigns during the different seasons, for each month, and especially for the holidays, when sales increase.

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Blogs of digital marketers, experts, and agencies

In this group we have collected blogs from expert practitioners, consultants, and representatives of email marketing agencies. They share the techniques they’ve tried in working with clients and how they keep track of all the new developments in the email marketing industry to ensure that they are among the first to implement them.

17. EmailMonday marketing blog

While Mondays are in the unlucky position of being universally loathed, there’s much to admire about the Email Monday blog. This website belongs to Jordie van Rijn, an email marketing consultant.

Email Monday _ Popular blog in email marketing world

Jordie is actually passionate about his specialty, and this is evident as he creates qualitative long reads, follows trends, and shares great practical tips. The blog materials always contain only the most crucial information, verified data, and a fresh look at email marketing trends. Articles with a selection of tips, tools, and practices will prove helpful if you implement an email marketing strategy yourself.

18. SmartMail blog

SmartMail is an email marketing agency offering strategic email marketing services and full-service execution.

Email marketing tips from email marketing company

The SmartMail blog publishes 3-4 articles daily on current email marketing topics, so you'll have to dedicate some time to learn from their experience. All articles are divided into one of four categories: Tools and Services, Email Strategies, Email Automation, and Design Examples.

19. Email marketing rules blog

Email marketing rules is a great blog by Chad S. White, Head of Research at Oracle Marketing Consulting. He created this blog—a detailed guide to email marketing best practices—as a way to help digital marketers choose the best solutions when creating advertising campaigns for their brands.

Email marketing rules about email marketing software

Each week, he offers new content to explore, discussing strategy and tactics, tips and inspiration, and diving into industry news and trends. A favorite format on the Email marketing rules blog is a selection of valuable articles and industry news items on various trends. Such a collection of interesting links makes it convenient to study a topic in depth.

20. Email Mastery blog

Another great blog full of tips and tricks for email marketers, Email Mastery is a community for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers that contains valuable information, resources, and inspiration. Alec Beglarian, the founder of, manages the project and content.

Social media and e-mail marketing blog _ Choose an idea for an email marketing campaign

My favorite section on this blog is the collection of email campaign idea articles, which contain many inspiring examples for use from January to December of 2023. The blog's author has already devised a plan—feel free to use it.

21. InboxArmy email marketing blog

InboxArmy is a full-service email marketing agency whose blog contains articles and guides on all important email marketing topics, reviews and comparisons of popular email marketing tools and email service providers, inbound marketing, and sales automation tips.

Tips on how to make email campaigns and overall marketing strategy

Blogs of educational resources and specialized media

22. MarketingProfs blog

MarketingProfs provides learning programs and email marketing training to marketing teams—it’s no wonder they have an immense knowledge base.

Marketing Profs _ About content marketing and email campaigns

This blog is the king of the structure kingdom. You can segment posts by content type, events, topics, framework elements, recency, and time to complete the reading. If you want to read all posts, you can sort posts by newest to oldest and vice versa.

A quick note: To read full blog articles on email marketing and other marketing topics, you must register. The upside is that it's free.

23. TechCrunch resource

And last but not least on our list of the best email marketing blogs (in our opinion) is the TechCrunch resource.

News about email marketing solutions

TechCrunch is an online resource about startups, internet businesses, innovation, and websites. It includes information about all the latest Internet trends as well as developments in the digital and technological field.

Although this resource is not dedicated solely to email marketing, we have included it on our list because it is the first website to publish important news about changes in the marketing industry.

Wrapping up

To learn more about this topic, we hope that you will create your own list of top email marketing blogs from the list of marketing blogs above. Live long, study hard, and prosper.

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