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17 February 2020

10 Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts

Rainy Creative Writer at Mageplaza
Table of contents
  1. 1. Understand your audiences
  2. 2. Segment your audiences for sending relevant content
  3. 3. Write an appealing subject line
  4. 4. Make sure recipients know you
  5. 5. Deliver one idea at a time
  6. 6. Keep your emails logically structured
  7. 7. Use subheadings and lists
  8. 8. Use the right words
  9. 9. Come to psychology tricks in email marketing copy 
  10. 10. Personalize your email copy
  11. Final thoughts
1. Understand your audiences

There's no doubt, email marketing is a powerful channel for enhancing relationships with customers and boosting sales. Regarding various types of email copy that most B2B and B2C companies use, they almost share similar secrets to be successful.

Writing email marketing copy is not only a work of art but it requires the science part as well. If you work on improving conversion of emails, you need to keep in mind some must-have tips to perfect your email.

In this blog post, we are going to share the best 10 secrets to write email copy that your target audiences will truly love.  

1. Understand your audiences

Why is it so important to understand your audience before writing an email marketing copy? It’s simple, if you want them to interact with your emails, read “do what you want them to do”, you must provide things that fit audiences’ needs and interests. 

Email Copy That Converts_Know Your Adience

(Email copy example from Ikea)

So how to understand your audiences? You can use Google Analytics and other tools for gathering information about your customers on your websites to better understand their needs. Add questionnaires in emails or on your website where you ask potential audiences to share their interests and set preferences.

This will give you inputs to start developing your email copy ideas.

2. Segment your audiences for sending relevant content

Once you’ve collected some information on your customers, you can segment them into different groups that are based on certain criteria. Those criteria can be:

  • age;

  • preferences;

  • send time;

  • geographical location;

  • etc.

Pinterest_Segmenting Contact Base

(Pinterest always send “pins and ideas” according to preferences a recipient has previously set)

Write relevant offers and respective email copy for each group to increase the open and click-through rates. Investment in segmentation helps improve ROI better rather than just sending the same content to every customer.

3. Write an appealing subject line

It goes without saying that the subject line is the first thing your audiences can see (unless you’ve added the Annotations to Gmail promo tab :) ) 

There are some pieces of advice for a stunning subject line for your emails:

  • in a nutshell, deliver the main message of your email;

  • tell readers what benefits you have for them in this email;

  • make it clear.

If you lack ideas of email subject like, please refer to Stripo’s 32 catchy email subject lines blog post. 


Please remember that you can set the subject line and preheader for your emails directly in Stripo.

Use Stripo

You can also check some writing services reviews, such as ThesisOnTime, where you get professional help in writing.

4. Make sure recipients know you

I myself often receive emails from senders who I have never connected before. If they do not introduce themselves/their companies, I will not reply to those emails.

It is crucial to let recipients know where those emails come from and who they are talking to. Only then, senders could expect further reactions from readers.

Email Marketing Copy That Converts

(Email copy example from SparkPost)

You can always remind customers that you’ve previously contacted them.

Of course, you do not do that in your regular promo emails which you send to your customers. 

5. Deliver one idea at a time

Another piece of advice for copywriters is to focus on one main thing at a time in your email copy.
If you want to sell something, build your content around that goal/main idea of the email, show customers the value which your offer brings. 

High-Converting Email Copy

(Email copy example by Grammarly)

Grammarly in this email delivers just one idea — they suggest that I buy their Premium subscription. This is why they offer 50% OFF, and in order to convince me that I need it they share the benefits this Premium subscription generates.

6. Keep your emails logically structured

Why do you need a logical and easy-to-follow email outline? We should understand that no one has time to read your marketing email carefully. Mostly, people go just from heading to heading. 

In other words, to make readers quickly understand what you are going to tell them, you need a perfectly structured email. 

Please, find the manual on how to set Headings for both desktop and mobile versions of your email with Stripo in our blog post “How to build an email with Stripo. Manual A to Z”, section 2 “Setting Headings”.

7. Use subheadings and lists

This will make your emails more legible and clear.

The subheading is meant to divide your content into smaller content parts in case you have several things to say.

Email Copy That Converts

(Email copy example from dotdigital)

While the bullets are perfectly used for listing something.  

How to add bullet points in your emails with Stripo

Once your email copy is ready, you just need to:

  • highlight your entire paragraph (or part of email copy you need to present as bulleted/numbered lists);

  • in the tool panel, click the “lists” icon;

  • select a necessary type of list.

Inserting Bulleted Lists

Use Stripo

8. Use the right words

What does it mean?

There are two things to remember if you want to have a high-converting email marketing copy:

Things you should say

  • always show the value that customers can have;

  • use numbers where it’s possible — they will make your email marketing copy clear, concise and convincing;

  • always be honest with customers.

Things you should not say:

  • generic or unreal promises;

  • fake reviews.

9. Come to psychology tricks in email marketing copy 

Psychology is the science part of email marketing copy.

Widely used psychology tactics that make your audiences take actions — click, read and buy from you:

  • create urgency and scarcity: Limited deals and discounts encourage people to hurry;

  • use social proof when writing your email marketing copy. Customers tend to read and trust product reviews written by other clients;

  • personalize your copy (read more below).

Email Copy That Converts_Customers' Reviews

(Email copy example from Old Navy)

10. Personalize your email copy

Personalizing your email marketing can boost your conversion up amazingly. 

The best tactics you can implement are as follows:

  • addressing by name. No one loves to read an email sent to wide masses;

  • use the “you” and “I” pronouns to build a conversation;

  • let customers know you remember their shoe size, favorite color, etc. This makes your clients feel happy with your service;

  • send Abandoned Cart emails as it is one of the must-have tools for personalization in the email copy;

  • reach out to your customers on their special days like birthdays, father/mother day, wedding anniversaries, milestones, etc. 


(Email copy example from Email on Acid)

For more information on how to personalize your email copy, please refer to our blog post.

Final thoughts

In order to write an email marketing copy that converts, you need to combine several of the tips mentioned here to perfect your email content. Remember to learn about your customer persona, focus on customer personalization to send relevant emails. That is considered the core thing to succeed in your email marketing campaigns.

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