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14 July

Stripo Email Translate, or How to Produce Emails in 10 Languages at Once!

Stripo / Blog / Stripo Email Translate, or How to Produce Emails in 10 Languages at Once!

Most businesses have gone global today — they have customers from all over the world. As a result, they need to reach out to users in the languages the latter prefer.

But translating emails into multiple languages takes a lot of time. Plus, quite often translations that you receive from the Translation agency do not match the context of your emails or even distort the email design. Sounds familiar?!

We got a solution here!

Stripo Translate_Choosing the Languages

Stripo integrated with Google Translate to let you translate emails right in the editor.

Little prehistory, or why we think our users needed it

This Spring we ran a series of interviews to find out what our clients like or dislike about Stripo. They shared their honest opinions — you may find them in the “Custom Success Stories” on our site.

Some clients mentioned they run email campaigns in a number of different languages. And building or even copying them for each language version, then pasting text in respective email containers takes time — and they would like to automate these routine processes.

And today we are proud to announce Stripo Email Translate.

Benefits of using Stripo Email Translate

We will describe them briefly.

It saves time

Going global will take quite less time now.

No need to design emails from scratch/no need to copy the original version of your emails several times and paste text samples into respective email fields for each language version.

You make sure translations match

The length of product descriptions, menu items, text in buttons, etc. in any language can differ from the original version. This may affect the final design of your email. 

Let me explain what I mean.

Quite often, when placing two or even more email elements in one row, you make sure the number of words, or sometimes even letters in descriptions and buttons coincide so the row looks neat and the number of lines is the same.

But sometimes when pasting translations you see the number of lines differ. 

When using the Stipo Email Translator functionality, you let your translators edit texts right in emails minding line and letter counts.

How to get started with the Stripo Email Translate functionality

Here’s how you do it.

Translating emails 

  • in your Stripo account, in the Email Messages or Templates area, click the Ellipsis sign;

  • pick “Translate”;

Stripo Translate_Activating the Option

  • in a new pop-up window, set the source and target languages. Please, be advised that you can translate your email template into 10 different languages at once;

Choosing the Source and the Target Languages in Stripo Translate

  • here, you will see copies of your emails with the translations into the languages that you’ve previously chosen.

Copies of Emails with Translations

Each copy has the language specified in the Email Message Name.

Word of advice

If you need to translate your email into any language that uses the RTL script, please enable the RTL option for the entire email after it has been automatically translated.

In this simple way, your text will go from right to left, including punctuation marks. 

RTL Emails_Enabling the RTL Option with Stripo

For more information on how RTL works in Stripo, please refer to our Write Texts from Right to Left in Emails blog post.

Editing texts in the email

If you are going to work on your own, you just open the email and work on the texts.

If you like, you can now let your teammates/proofreaders edit texts right in the copy.

When inviting new collaborators, you assign roles with certain permissions to each of them.

Assigning Roles to New Teammates

It means users with the role of proofreader will be able to edit texts only. 


This is the first version of the Stripo Email Translate option.

Very soon, its UI will be upgraded and its functionality will be significantly extended:

  • you will be able to upload translations from the Excel files into a number of emails at once. The translations will be added to respective elements of emails automatically;
  • you will be able to switch to another language version of the email without leaving it;
  • all language versions of your email will be stored in one place;
  • you will be able to export all language versions at once with one click.

Stay tuned for more!

Final thoughts

Going global means having customers from all over the world. 

Our tool will help you easily build promo and trigger emails in the languages your customers speak!

Ready to give this option a try?

Dec 2 months ago

The concept is great; but Google Translate is just awful: its translations are constantly so full of critical errors, it is quite dangerous to use to communicate with others (I have heaps of egregious and laughable examples). the only way to use it with any confidence at all, is to use the Reverse Translate function to check what the translation is actually saying, and then edit/correct it carefully (rephrase word by word where it wrong) to get a translated meaning similar to what you mean. an additional warning: you can not use Reserve Translate again and again (for the same text) - it will end up changing it to something completely different to what you started with. there are not that many suitable alternatives for free text (as opposed to single words) (Deepl is no good because of its extremely limited languages. The Amazon Translate API is meant to be very good.

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Dec 2 months ago

Dec, Hello. Thank you for your comment. I have forwarded the information to our tech team. However, I believe that it's best that we let a human proofreader check all the texts translated with online tools, of course, if we have enough time to do that. Thank you.

Juiced IO 2 months ago

Keep up the good work guys! I can tell everything you guys do is done with precision

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Juiced IO 2 months ago

Juiced IO, Thank you for your supportive feedback. We do our best.

SUPPPLITY Platform 2 months ago

It's really efficient tool and save a lot of time, but just to make sure that I understand the process, once I translate the email to 3 languages then, I will use a link on top of original language (english as example) and will let recipient click on the link to see the other language copy, is that right?

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to SUPPPLITY Platform 2 months ago

SUPPPLITY Platform, Thank you. We're glad you find this feature useful. The way you described is really interesting. Yes, you can provide in emails links to other language versions of emails. Or you can segment your contact base by geographical location and send emails in respective languages to each group of recipients. The second way is more conventional in email marketing.

Florian Fischer 3 months ago

Nice feature! I really appreciate the translation idea. Is it possible to merge the emails afterwards? I usually send mails bilingually, meaning it has a preheader "english version below", then it starts with the german part and continues afterwards with the translated english part. Futhermore I used for the translation as it is more accurate and offers me a easy way of correcting the translation other than google translate. But gt should do it for now and I don't want to grumble here.

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Florian Fischer 3 months ago

Florian Fischer, Thank you for your question. As far as I understood, each email of yours contains texts in two languages. Currently, it is technically impossible to translate an email into a target language and keep texts in the original, as well. We recommend that you translate your email with the Stripo Email Translate option, then copy email containers with the text and paste texts in English into them. We hope this helps. Thank you.

Mubariz Mahmood 3 months ago

Wowww superbbbbbbbbb. I haven't seen this functionality in other platforms. You guys rock ?

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Mubariz Mahmood 3 months ago

Mubariz Mahmood, Thank you ?

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