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23 June 2018

10 Examples of Teaser Email Campaigns

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Promo and announcement emails look similar and do not work, as customers get used to and bored with them.

We are going to tell you how to become interesting to your customers. See how to enliven your promo campaigns by creating high-performing teaser emails. What makes them work? They intrigue and build anticipation for your products.


Strategy for successful email teaser campaigns

Certainly, before running any campaign, you should thoroughly think the strategy over. What strategy?

With teaser emails, we usually try to announce three things:

a) upcoming sales;

Undoubtedly, this is the most common teaser campaign, as we all love sales. They can be dedicated to any holiday, like Christmas or Black Friday. Any online store or company of any industry may try this type of emails out.

Focus: here you may focus on the products you are about to cut prices for or the amount of the discount you offer. Some marketers think that adding a countdown timer is enough when starting a teaser campaign. But in fact, this is just a small element of an email.

Number of emails: normally, it takes two emails for this type of a teaser email campaign. The first one is used to announce the sale, and the second one — to remind about the starting date.

When to send: normally, the first is sent a week or just a day before. And the second one is sent on the very day.

Yet, you may send just one:


b) product launch;

This is probably the most serious teaser campaign, as it requires a lot of your attention and effort. Certainly, many companies may try it out. But commonly this type of email is implemented by big corporations that produce gadgets and automobiles, like Samsung, Apple, Tesla, etc.

In other words, those companies, whose products are supposed to be long-awaited and are released seldomly — once a year or less. In fact, this type of teaser email campaign is very similar to a product launch announcement campaign. However, here we do not reveal all the features at once, we do our best to “shed some mystery” on our product.

Focus: well… the focus should definitely be on the product and on its unique cutting-edge features. Describe them piece by piece — do not reveal all features in one single email.

Also, show a few more features of the product or more details regarding the release date on your website. In every email, ask the readers to visit it for more information.

Number of emails: depends on what kind of product you are promoting this way and on how much time you have left till the product launch date. Normally, it takes from 2 to 5 emails to build anticipation and to grow it.

In your last email, open the majority of the features and invite recipients to visit your website for full information.

Certainly, you will need to create a new landing page.

When to send: two-four months before. Apple announces the release of a new iPhone in June, though it is released in September. They do reveal details piece by piece. This increases rumors about the brand.


c) special event.

Are you about to open a new shopping mall in your town? Or you are releasing a new movie? Then definitely, you should inform your potential attendees about it.

Focus: two options — focus on the event date or on the event itself. Certainly, focusing on the date means that you will only inform your recipients about the date, and will not tell them what is going to happen. If you focus on the event itself, then you mention the kind of event but do not mention the date. Until definite moment…

Number of emails: depends on how much time you have left.  Two to four would be great. The first one to build anticipation, the second, third and the fourth to keep it warm, and the fifth to reveal your secret.

But never make the sequence longer than five emails, otherwise, your customers may burn out.

This is what Pixar sent to its subscribers back in 2006 before the cartoon’s release:


We all remember that “Cars” brought $10 billion to its producers, don’t we? Teasers really work!

When to send: this depends. Usually, events like conferences, meetings with famous people and movie releases are typically announced 3-6 months prior to the event.

10 examples of teaser email campaigns

In fact, there are not many of them. Unfortunately, just some companies come to this trick. Yet, it would be nice to get inspired by the best teaser email examples given below and start your own teaser email campaign.

1. “Save the date”

The Apple marketers know for sure how to create the perfect email teaser campaign. Apple’s products, like iPhones, are the most awaited products of the year. Are they the only one who produce good smartphones or smartwatches? Definitely, not. But their teaser campaign makes us anticipate the product launch.


What is so good about this teaser email: they do not tell us what is about to happen but ask us to save a specific date. No additional info needed here.

Make sure you have to offer something really special to justify customers' trust.

2. “Stay tuned”

This is another great example of an email teaser campaign with the focus on the time, provided by Birchbox.


What is so good about this teaser email: unlike Apple, Birchbox mentioned the full date and a photo of the girl looking somewhere aside as if seeing something really exciting and intriguing just spiced up the “Stay tuned and get excited” inscription.

Yet, to make this trick, the company should be well-known and have a high level of credibility. Apple and Birchbox do.

Tesla Inc. also uses this trick to promote new car releases and announce the start of the pre-order period.

3. “It’s big” series

Not only Apple can intrigue its subscribers with teaser emails. Some companies manage too. Now that we have seen two great examples above, we may not get surprised by one more email like this.

Yet, you need to take a look at it as long as it has continuation:


“This starts now”. But this email was preceded by:


What is so good about this teaser email: this is a sequence.

“Stay tuned for tomorrow” — seems like a great idea to make customers await the next email.

4. “I am coming”

No date, no name, just a countdown timer. Looks very interesting.


What is so good about this teaser email: have any ideas who is or what is coming? None? Neither do I! I certainly opened the following email by this company.

Note: just make sure you have not changed the sender’s name so that your customers know who the message is from.

5. “Someone’s interested”

Oh, now I got scared and a little excited about all these mysteries. Time to relax.

In fact, we all like to find out something new, to reveal secrets, yet we love to get some hints. That is why I love the next example by the “OkCupid” website.


What is so good about this teaser email:  they do not tell you straight who liked you, they do not apply the photos of that person. They just warm your interest by saying that someone’s interested in you.

6. “It’s better”

Come on! What can be better than a sale?! Of course, many things can. Especially, when you are tired of them and your inbox is full of typical offers.

Yes, it works, but many companies do it. Stand out — get interesting! Do not offer huge sales! Find another way to entertain your loyal customers.

Look at this curious example:


What is so good about this teaser email: in fact, this is a great idea to announce a sale that way. Besides, this is not a standard sale. Everlane offers three discounts to its users: 10%, 20%, and 30% off.

And under each discount, they explain how much money you pay to Everlane apart from paying for the materials:



7. “Mystery flash sale”

Some companies go further and let the customers win the discount. Sounds like a great idea. And the best way to show that prices are not set is adding thematic GIF in the email.


What is so good about this teaser email: this GIF reminds of casino roulette, no wonder a recipient would like to click it to stop the numbers. By making recipients go to your website to win the “deals”, you improve your CTR.

Nice trick?

8. “Be the first to experience it”

Sounds like a good reason to attend the presentation of a new product. Here, they play on our desire to be higher than others, stronger, to be the first!

Hurry up! Because only one person can be the first!


What is so good about this teaser email: mysterious design — black and white colors — complements that email marketing campaign strategy.

9. “Can you keep a secret?”

I’m not sure. But I would love to hear it! How can I get to know what it is all about?


What is so good about this teaser email: the Hotel Management did not mention what they are about to change. It can be anything: interior design, new ways to entertain guests or new hotels somewhere on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

10. “So what will it be?”

We all love Halloween. You can hardly find any person who does not know about this holiday. And definitely, it’s hard to find anyone who does not celebrate it in the US.

But not only kids, adults love treats, too. And they will definitely stop by your store. But who said that you cannot trick somebody? (Certainly, later you will have to give a little present to this person). Have some fun on this day. And customers will love to join you!


What is so good about this teaser email: it took three things to make this perfect teaser — sale, announcement and “intrigue”. J.Crew performed this mission perfectly.

Subject line

But let us always remember that it all starts with the headline of the campaign that is carefully expressed in the subject line no matter how beautiful your email is. Some big companies can even say “Guess what it is” or “guess what’s inside?” and it will work for them. But the open rate is not really high for these campaigns.

The more intriguing, yet clearer it is, the more chances your customers will open the email.


With Stripo editor from now on, you can set preheader text and email subject right within the template.

Click the “settings” button above the template you are working on:


In proper fields, insert the text:


Done! Now your customers will see the email subject line and preheader in inbox preview.


Apart from the tips given above the 10 examples of teaser emails campaigns, there are some things we should mention:

  • Email teaser design

Looking back on all the teaser email campaign examples, we can say the teaser email design depends totally on the focus. And here you have no restrictions at all. The only rule is to make it eye-catchy and really intriguing.

  • CTA button in teasers

In emails like these, there should not be any button at all if the email is focused on a date, and only one single call to action button if the email is focused on a product. Yet, you may also suggest that your customers add the date to their Google calendar.

  • How often teaser emails should be used

There’s no need to come to this trick very often.

Do it only when you have something really huge to offer to your clients!

When creating a teaser campaign you should think everything over: the strategy, the object of a focus, subject line, and certainly the email design. This will take you long. But the result will be really impressive.

Use our HTML email templates to save a big amount of time — choose the one that fits your current strategy, modify it in accordance with your goals just within 10 minutes and surprise customers with sophisticated teaser emails.

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