15 March

Easter email examples: best ideas, subject lines, and templates

Create an exciting Easter email template
Table of contents
  1. Why should you do Easter email marketing and send an Easter sale email?
  2. Easter email design tips
  3. Ideas for making Easter emails interactive and engaging
  4. Some Easter email marketing tricks in emails
  5. Easter email subject lines and copies
  6. Easter emails inspiration: Easter campaign examples
  7. When should you send Easter emails?
  8. Get Easter email templates from Stripo
  9. Wrapping up
Why should you do Easter email marketing and send an Easter sale email?

Preparations for the Easter celebration are already in full swing in many countries. People are thinking about how they will celebrate this April and what they need to buy. Therefore, now is the time to remind your subscribers about your offers and create a pleasant mood to prepare for the holiday.

We have collected the best ideas for the design and text of Easter emails to make it easier for you to prepare your Easter email marketing campaign.

Why should you do Easter email marketing and send an Easter sale email?

Easter is a popular holiday, and your subscribers are already in a shopping mood. To make sure of this, it is enough to look at the marketing statistics of this holiday:

  • 81% of Americans celebrate this holiday;
  • The average shopping check on Easter is around $192;
  • The total amount of Easter shopping in the United States in 2023 reached $24 billion;
  • The top five categories where people spend the most are candy, food, gifts, clothing, and decorations.

Bright and memorable Easter campaigns will help you communicate with your subscribers and stand out from your competitors.

Easter email design tips

Let’s start with design tips to make your emails memorable and give them the Easter spirit.

Include spring themes in your Easter emails

Be sure to tailor your branding design by adding a spring and Easter theme with family, food, and games.

For example, you can do things like this:

  • arrange product cards in spring design;
  • add Easter symbols—eggs, bunnies, chickens, baskets (placing items in Easter baskets or giving a discount coupon from an Easter Bunny);
  • use pastel colors, like in the email example below.

Example of Easter email design inspiration

(Source: DealTown)

Bring the Easter Bunny to your Easter emails

The Easter Bunny, the cutest holiday hero, will cheer you up. You can use an image of a real rabbit or a cartoon bunny in your design—or it could be chocolate bunnies. Decide for yourself.

See the example: the strategic product placement of Easter bunnies made of chocolates from a candy brand is quite effective.

(Source: MailCharts)

Use Easter eggs in your Easter email design

Use the Easter aesthetic with an Easter egg email design. You can see hundreds of examples of the successful use of Easter eggs for email design.

No matter which way you choose, Easter eggs are sure to set the mood:

  • colorful or chocolate eggs as the main picture of the banner;
  • background of many small eggs;
  • breaking eggs in GIF animation or as gamification.

Selling products with easter email campaigns

(Source: DealTown)

Put products in the Easter basket, and show them in your Easter email

Another bright symbol of the holiday is the Easter basket. You can put your products in it or use it as an embellishment for your email design.

Easter basket invites subscribers to buy gifts

(Source: DealTown)

Ideas for making Easter emails interactive and engaging

Use animation, engaging techniques, interactive elements, and gamification to create a more festive mood. Here are some exciting ideas for this.

Make your Easter email stand out with a fun Easter GIF

Animated GIFs are a great way to add a fun element to an email. The movement attracts subscribers’ attention, and the right image creates a mood.

In our article, you will find several examples of using GIFs. The example below shows how the brand offers a promo code, creating intrigue at first until you see what is hidden in the egg. It can be jumping rabbits, eggs, and much more.

(Source: MailCharts)

Create an Easter email game

Gamification in email marketing is a modern trend, especially on Easter when games are part of celebrating. You can use games such as “Spin the wheel” or “Find a pair” or make something special.

See the example of the Easter game. The game’s goal is to catch the patch and get a bonus.

(Source: MailCharts)

One more example is the Stripo Easter AMP game. We sent out this email on Easter. Users had to collect figures hidden behind choco eggs. They had to summarize these figures, enter the total sum, and get the discount if the sum was correct. They would see the “Try Again” notification if the sum was incorrect.

You can try to check the web version here.

Easter game to boost engagement

Add a countdown timer to your Easter email

Email countdown timers show the subscriber that the special offer time is about to end, so they need to hurry up. People are afraid to miss out on a discount, so the click-through rate grows.

Easter email campaign countdown timer

(Source: Stripo Template)

Adding countdown timers is an easy task when you know the pipeline and use the right tools. We’ve made a full-fledged guide on adding countdown timers to your email templates using Stripo.

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Personalize your Easter emails

Email personalization can do miracles and boost your email performance when implemented right. Provide your subscribers with personalized Easter emails, including offers made just for them to show how you value each one of your customers.

Personalized Easter Email

(Source: Stripo template)

Some Easter email marketing tricks in emails

One more block of our tips concerns email marketing and customer behavior.

Make a festive offer in your Easter email

Many customers look forward to an Easter sale or big holiday discounts. Use this time to increase sales by making an exciting offer that will be impossible to refuse. This strategy is perfect for online stores that are planning holiday sales.

Email with Easter promotion

(Source: DealTown)

Here’s one more exciting example of an Easter discount. It is made using GIF animation, so you will definitely notice this offer.

(Source: DealTown)

Hide an egg in your Easter email

An Easter egg in an email is a clue subscribers need to find. Use this move to give your subscribers an egg hunt.

For example, it could be:

  • teasers of announced products;
  • return to the best products;
  • hidden discount coupons.

Create intrigue around your Easter email on social media before the campaign goes live. Use it as a way to get more subscribers to your mailing list.

Set up an Easter egg hunt on your website and invite using Easter email

Easter Egg Hunt is one of the famous Easter pastimes familiar to everyone since childhood. It will be a good way for you to direct customers to your website, explore different pages, and place an order to use the gift they win—a special discount or other bonus.

If you ask subscribers to share the victory with a friend, gamification will go viral.

Here is what you need to do to start your egg hunt:

  • draw a clever subject line, for example, “The hunt has begun”;
  • explain to subscribers the rules of the Easter egg hunt and invite them to your website;
  • highlight the award information in large prints or stickers.

Check out some exciting engagement mechanics and email designs created by the Daniel Footwear brand. They invite subscribers to the site to find one of the three eggs and get the corresponding prize.

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation Email

(Source: ReallyGoodEmails)

Remind about the long festive weekend in Easter emails

Easter time is a period when many people have a long weekend. People start celebrating on Friday. Easter Monday is an official public holiday in Canada, Australia, parts of the United Kingdom, and some European countries, including France and Germany.

So, it’s a good idea to send out your Good Friday and Easter Sunday specials and an email from the “Your Last Chance” category on Monday.

Provide users with useful Easter guides

When preparing for your Easter email campaign, it’s worth keeping in mind not only the offers but also the overall value of your email campaign for the recipient. Provide recipients with useful guides or tips to help them prepare for Easter celebrations. Thus, you will not only stand out among hundreds of promotional offers in the inbox but also show that you care about your audience.

Easter DIY Guide Email

(Source: ReallyGoodEmails)

Easter email subject lines and copies

What is essential to remember when writing the subject line for an Easter email campaign? It should be memorable, exciting, and fun. It’s great if it also contains a promise of benefits for the subscriber.

Use puns and fun wordplay in Easter emails

Making puns is one of the most popular Easter pastimes, so be sure to add puns to your emails—subject lines, preheaders, copies, and even calls to action. Make your brand stand out with humor and creativity.

The most popular Easter puns are:

  • eggs-traordinary offer;
  • every bunny;
  • hoppy Easter;
  • egg-cellent;
  • eggs-plore our discounts;
  • crack open these special deals;
  • test your cluck at the egg hunt;
  • egg-citing Easter deals;
  • ears to you this Easter.

Easter collection of goods

(Source: ReallyGoodEmails)

Have you got an idea? Be creative, and develop your own interesting combinations and puns to use later in the subject line and as a bright header on the banner.

Don’t forget to put Easter emoji in the subject line.

Examples of Easter email subject lines

  1. Happy Easter! Try to catch the patch! — Happiness brand.
  2. Every bunny loves Easter — BloomNation.
  3. 3...2...1… 🐣 Our Easter Sale is about to end — FRANK AND OAK.
  4. 🐣 £10 and under Easter homeware — Matalan.
  5. This is HOPPIN’ Good! GIANT Inflatable Easter Eggs — Swoozie’s.
  6. Don’t Miss Out On These Eggs-Traordinary Offers… — Ancient Treasures.
  7. Make Everyone Hoppy 🐰 — Miles Kimball.
  8. 25% off baskets for every bunny — Lillian Vernon.
  9. There’s still time to have HoneyBaked Delivered for Easter!🚗💨 — Honey Baked Ham.
  10. Some bunny loves you—last chance for free shipping by Easter! — Sugarfina.
  11. Crack Open Your Easter Treat 🐣 — Boohoo.
  12. We’ve Got Something Better Than Eggs.... — Boohoo.
  13. Don’t forget your special Easter offer...🐣 — Wonderbly.
  14. Our Easter Sale rating: 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 — Frank and Oak.
  15. Celebrate a Dinnerly Easter with us 🌈 — Dinnerly.
  16. 25% off is hopping away 🐰 — Quip.
  17. Go straight to size (and basket): Up to 40% OFF sale — Boden.
  18. An egg-cellent Easter basket for you... — Uplers.
  19. Happy Easter Monday! Enjoy FREE delivery on us — Florence Scovel Jewelry.
  20. 40% Off ENDS TONIGHT! Voucher inside just for you 😍 — Pet Circle.
  21. Easter Shipping Deadline is Coming — Dana’s Bakery.
  22. Your Checklist for an EGG-stra Special Easter 🐣 — Pottery Barn Kids.
  23. NOW 50% OFF: Fill your Easter basket 🌷🐇 — Carter’s.
  24. The Easter bunny’s on his way 🐇🐣 —Trouva.
  25. Celebrate Easter with New Zealand Lamb 🐏 — Gourmet Foodstore.
  26. Hey there, hop stuff. 🐰🥕 — Pulp & Press.
  27. No Mess DIY Tattly Eggs — Tattly.
  28. Are you ready to spring into action this Easter?🐰 — Packlane
  29. Eggcelent Greetings & Gifts for Easter — Rifle Paper Co
  30. Get hoppin’ — Turo
  31. Hop into savings: Easter deals inside! — Adidas
  32. Egg-citing Easter offers await You! — Planet Organic
  33. Don’t be a bunny, hop on these easter discounts! — Hotel Chocolat
  34. Crack open savings: Easter deals imside!🥚 — Sugarfina
  35. Easter cheers: 40% OFF sale! — Glasses USA
  36. Don’t worry, be hoppy — Pandora
  37. Easter treats just for you😍 — OliveNation
  38. Spring into savings with our Easter specials! — Wanderer Bracelets 
  39. Easter bunny approved: Egg-ceptional deals inside!🐰 — Psycho Bunny
  40. Egg-straordinary savings await: Hop in now! — Banana Republic

Use a non-banal call to action in your Easter emails

Put the wordplay on your call to action, as well.

Example of pun in the call to action

(Source: Email from Rituals Cosmetics)

Easter emails inspiration: Easter campaign examples

To sum it all up, we collected some great Easter email examples for your inspiration. Pay attention to how every part of the emails works—from the subject line to the structure, design, and special holiday offers.

Easter email subject line: 🐣Easter gifts for every bunny🐣

Sender: Habitat

The brand does everything to make you buy Easter treats and gifts. They start from an attractive subject line with Easter wordplay and then use both main easter images—eggs and bunnies—in funny animation and further in product cards. All this is decorated in light colors—soft yellow and blue.

(Source: MailCharts)

Easter email subject line: CandyDrop: Available Exclusively at Sugarfina. 💌

Sender: Sugarfina

Sugarfina has added a delicate spring theme to its Easter campaign, fun animations, and an explanation of how easy it is to check out in this holiday hustle and bustle. The email’s central message is that you can easily and quickly make a sweet Easter gift to anyone.

Easter email example candy

(Source: MailCharts)

Easter email subject line: $3.99 shipping on all orders! Get hoppin’ & start shopping!

Sender: Current

In this example, we liked the enticing email subject line that shows the benefit and simultaneously plays with the call to read the email with humor. Bright colors and cute bunny ears on the main banner were chosen for the template, which creates a cheerful and light mood.

Easter email example in bright colors

(Source: Milled)

Easter email subject line: Your Checklist for an EGG-stra Special Easter 🐣

Sender: Pottery Barn Kids

Here’s everything you need to celebrate Easter in one email with a great pun subject line. The visual part of the email is thought out to the smallest detail, both in colors and images. The brand offers its subscribers a checklist of holiday purchases, allowing them to show care and offer their products simultaneously.

(Source: Milled)

Easter email subject line: Birds sing for spring

Sender: Turo

Even car dealers are getting into the Easter spirit. This email is an excellent example of how even an industry far removed from the holiday can create a holiday email. Thematic illustration—a well-chosen proposal for those who like to go on picnics at Easter. This promotional email is made by the book.

Great Easter Email Example from Turo

(Source: ReallyGoodEmails)

Easter email subject line: 🐣 Did SomeBUNNY Say Cookies? 🐰 Check Out Our Newest Easter Class!

Sender: How To Cake It

Everyone loves delicious baked goods for the holidays, and Easter is no exception. How To Cake It created a bright promotional email newsletter with a masterclass on baking cookies in the shape of eggs, especially for Easter. Sweet colors, engaging GIF animation, and puns make this email truly warming and festive—just like Grandma’s baking.

Easter email from How To Cake It

(Source: DealTown)

When should you send Easter emails?

We could say it’s impossible to start an Easter email marketing campaign too early. Some brands started their marketing campaigns in February. For example, the brand sent this email on March 7, 2023, so subscribers would already begin preparing for the holiday.

Easter email campaigns for celebrating easter

(Source: Milled)

But even if you haven’t started the campaign yet, all is still possible. Don’t waste your time. Easter is coming. Try to send your newsletters at least 7–10 days before Easter Sunday, especially if you have a special offer.

Easter templates from Stripo will help you make it easier and faster.

Get Easter email templates from Stripo

We hope you’ve been inspired by the ideas and examples and are ready to create your Easter newsletter. To make it easier for you, we have prepared Easter templates for you. Choose what suits you, and go ahead.

Easter email template with gamification

Game, personification, and fun wordplay on the banner. It’s a good recipe for an Easter email. However, implementing games and interactivity in emails seems complicated at first, as it requires technical knowledge from email marketers.

We support the statement that technical tasks should be automated to free marketers’ time for more important tasks. Our interactive module generator is a must-have tool for making interactive elements in no time. 

The interactive module generator allows marketers to create interactive elements using a user-friendly interface and implement generated modules without a code-hassle. It gives you a module with a game that contains the following:

  • an AMP version of your email. This works in Gmail, Yahoo, and FairEmail;
  • an interactive fallback. This works on all devices and email clients that support HTML5 and CSS3. It also works in Apple Mail and Samsung Email; 
  • a text fallback version. This works with email clients that do not support HTML5 and CSS3, such as some Outlook apps.

Using AMP and interactive HTML fallback will allow you to reach 92% of your audience, as they will be able to interact with the interactive part of this game. A text fallback will allow you to give the remaining 8% of the audience who use email services that can’t work with interactive content the promo code or a different reward that others compete for during the game.

Besides that, adding generated games to your Easter email campaigns is quite easy and does not take much time. We described this in detail in our first manual, “How to create interactive content without code hassle.” Click on this article and look for Step 6, where we describe the entire process in detail.

Easter email template for organic food

(Source: Stripo template)

Wrapping up

As you see, Easter allows you to increase your advertising activity and attract subscribers to shop on your site. Get the best ideas to make your Easter emails bright and interesting.

Create really eggcellent Easter emails—and by the way, don’t forget to wish your subscribers a Happy Easter.

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