Promo Email Template "Appreciate the Moment" for Tourism industry

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Just a perfect promo template for the tourism industry with name, motto and atmospheric design that immediately build up the romantic mood of adventures and need for memorable moments and impressions right when a client opens the email. Tent and campfire… Watching the magnificent sunset landscape in the wild… this image will surely touch the strings in everyone’s soul. Who may refuse an opportunity to escape from urban routine to some bivouac days of hiking, fishing, hunting and fresh air of primeval life?

Yeah, these moments are worth collecting… You encouraged clients? Now it’s time to help them with your value offers!

Well, if your customers are not extreme survivalists — paleolithic digging sticks and stone axes would be too much :) We are living in the modern age, so tourists need tools and equipment.

For their convenience, product cards in this template are grouped into categories of high-priority:

  • clothing;
  • cooking;
  • accessories;
  • tents;
  • lighting.

You can add, rename or remove these categories accordingly to your goals and brand specifics. But this template is not only for promo — as you can see, our team designed special blocks to share photos and articles. So you can give tourists some useful advice - f.ex., how to choose the right place for camping, set the tent or light the campfire.

This template is fully websafe and totally responsive for desktop and mobile devices. Want your email to be good-looking on mobiles? Just few clicks, and some blocks and logo shall be hidden on mobile screen.

So what we are waiting for? Weekend or holidays are at hand — don’t hesitate, urge your subscribers to order equipment… and step the way towards adventures!

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