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25 January 2018

Webinar Invitation Email

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In the 20th century, looking for new information, people would go to the library. In the 21st century, when we need to get a piece of new up-to-date information, we attend a webinar.

Must confess, I love attending webinars. It is not only a good way to learn something new, but also to take a look at the problem from other people’s perspective and to hear about their personal experience regarding its solution.

I receive dozens of webinar email invitations per day. Even if I wanted, I would not be able to attend them all. Besides, I value my time highly enough to watch/read/listen to the things which might not be useful to me. We all want to choose only the best, educational webinars.

How do people decide if the webinar is worth attending? By the way, the webinar invitation looks like.

As the main goal of all invitations is to invite, newsletter email template should be appealing, interesting, intriguing, and promising.

What encourages newcomers to attend the webinar

A deep insight into a problem

We can find a lot of information on the web, but sometimes we need to know more details. Promise a deep survey of the problem. As a result, it may be a good idea to let the professionals hold the meeting, to invite them as speakers. The more famous the speaker is the more chances to get a bigger audience to come.

New theme for the webinar

You may either provide a deep insight into a problem or a new topic to consider. Be cutting-edge, and if your topic is interesting enough, you will reach tops in a short period of time. The clients cherish new trends and innovations.

Creative features

I can’t say I will not love but will definitely pay attention to the creative features of your webinar invitation emails. Those things make the recipients read the email to the end. Of course, only after that, we make our final decision whether to reserve a seat or not. But at least you grabbed the subscribers’ attention.

Do’s in a webinar invitation email

When starting any email marketing campaign, you need to think thoroughly about its strategy. Firstly, you need to know how many people you want to attend your event. Secondly, you need to think what you will do to those who received your email but did not get registered. Thus, you need to decide on the frequency of sending out your emails.

Considering the results of our investigations, and from my own experience, I want to enumerate the things which a customer would approve in your invitation emails. So-called list of do’s in your invitations.

The subject line

We all know that every email starts with the subject line. Persuade the recipients to open your newsletter. Make the subject line clear and simple. Put in the name of your company. Mention it is going to be an invitation to a webinar.

The Litmus company is skilled and experienced in hosting online events. Their webinar email campaigns are always effective and productive. They place some pieces of the required information right in a pre-header as it is shown in the recipients’ inbox as a preview text.

Stripo Preview Text

Note! The subject line also depends on the No. of your invitation email. For the last message, it can be “Take your chance to…” or “Last offer…”

A perfect name

Make it concise and straight to the point. The title is must echo the main idea of the webinar. A perfect solution here would be to highlight a problem, and emphasize that you will share a solution in the webinar.


Inform the registrants about the format of the webinar. Will you report on something? Or will you let the audience ask you various questions? Or maybe you are going to let somebody share their experience with others during the webinar session.

Complete information

Yes, you need to mention all the smallest details you have regarding the webinar:

  • problem/theme;
  • date;
  • time, including the attendees’ timezone;
  • duration. If the webinar is going to last longer than 2 hours, then add the meeting plan;
  • speakers and their achievements. Add links to more detailed information about them;
  • the required skills.


Use this webinar email template to invite your subscribers to a webinar.

Benefits the webinar offers

In order to avoid dissatisfaction, always mention what people are about to receive by visiting your webinar. What they will learn and what subtopics you are going to survey.

Why do we recommend mentioning that? First of all, this way you will grab potential attendees’ attention. Secondly, only interested in the topic people will register.

Be specific. No general statements here.


It makes sense to mention the required level of knowledge for the webinar. Experienced developers would not like to listen to how to install a new version of Microsoft Windows 10. And the newbies will not understand fresh ideas regarding Javascript if they are not familiar with this programming language.

Webinar invitation email design

Design for this kind of emails should be simple but really endearing. Make the text font legible. Add a bright thematic banner if you want to. But this is not obligatory. Of course, the name of the company is supposed to be placed in a header. Take a look at this invitation design example:


But some things here require special attention.

CTA and share with a friend buttons

Sending out a webinar email invitation, you expect or at least you want to get as many registrants as possible. Of course, you have added a CTA button. It is bright, with a contrast color, pretty big and says “Reserve my seat”.


But if I like your theme and want to attend the event you are organizing, I will for sure want to share it with my friends which is a bonus for the organizer. Yes, I may copy the link, then go to my mailbox, write an email to my friend, and so on. But you may save me lots of time by adding the “Share with my friend” or “Invite a friend” button. I will really appreciate it.


If you like this webinar email example, try it out here.

Note! Add the “Share with a friend” button to a webinar confirmation email. While the webinar invitation email should contain only the “Save my seat” button.

Make these buttons big and bright. Place them in the center of an email and at the bottom of it. Duplicate the buttons.


Your signature in the footer of an email invitation will make it more personal. We are not that into attending or listening to strangers. Start building relations with us. Please, never neglect it — add the signature to all your invitation emails.

Note! You can add your real handwritten signature. This will make you stand out!

Features to add to your webinar invitation emails

Jargon or slang

Yes, newsletters should be polite, with the formal English used. But jargon, as a professional language, is a good thing to add. Especially, if your target audience is experienced people, professionals. Étienne de Condillac, philosopher, mentioned that every science required its unique language.

Besides, it may be an indicator that you have deep knowledge of the theme.


Slang is a separate thing to talk about. Young generation prefers to stand out. They tend to use informal words. For example, now some of them say “Sexy” instead of “good” and "excellent”.


Of course, using such words in an email invitation will work when the speaker of the event is either young or funny enough. Use slang only when it is appropriate to the situation, the topic of the webinar and its goals. I can hardly imagine the President saying “Our legislation is sexy”.


Make the greetings personal. No, you do not need to record thousands of videos with all the recipients’ names. Create just a single video where you say hi to all your customers. Besides, a video is a good alternative to “In the webinar, you will learn”. A verbal message is sometimes better than a dozen emails.

I’ve seen it just once. But I still remember it and keep looking for a video in all webinar invitations. Don’t hesitate to add informative videos when you create a webinar invitation email. By the way, almost 60% of the registrants showed up for this event.



Indicate that you also had a problem of this kind. Tell us how much time it took you to get over it. How much efforts it cost you to turn the situation for better and why you are happy you have done it. But if you have not experienced it, do not tell us you have.

Do not exaggerate your results. People appreciate honesty. You may clarify that you have helped hundreds of people who faced the same problem as us. Or even that you have analyzed the topic, and now you will try it out with us.


We all appreciate a good sense of humor. As Victor Borge said: “laughter is the shortest distance between two people”. Besides, a little joke in your email invitation means that the webinar will not be boring. When the joke is connected with the topic of the event, it means that you know much about it. And we will receive good knowledge on the topic. Thus, for sure we will not waste our time attending it.

Follow-up emails

A webinar invitation email is just the beginning of a whole series of messages.

Once the potential attendee has signed up, you should send him a confirmation email. Immediately. The very moment when clicking “save my seat”, we expect to see a registration confirmation in our email inbox in order to make sure you reserved a seat for us. We will not talk now about what it should contain as this is the topic for a separate article.

But I want to mention that now you need to create a sequence of friendly but effective reminders. Yes, you will need to send out at least 5 of them. Only this way we will not forget about the event we are so eager to attend, no matter how weird this sounds.

Recommendations to follow

Did you know that the average attendance rate for a webinar is 25% of all the registrants? While some companies reach 60%.
I sincerely hope that following some of our recommendations will help you increase the attendance rate:

  • Before sending out invitation emails, create a strategy;
  • Include the subject line;
  • Make the preheader informative;
  • Specify the date, timezone, and duration of the webinar;
  • Create bright CTA button;
  • Add the “Invite my friend” button;
  • Introduce speakers to the target audience;
  • Add your individual features. Be creative;
  • Insert your personal signature;
  • Be sincere with your potential clients.

Try out our invitation email templates.

Regarding any questions, please contact us at or connect with us via Facebook.
I sincerely wish you best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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