Best Design Ideas to Make Christmas Email Campaign Remarkable

Hanna Kuznietsova
Best Design Ideas to Make Christmas Email Campaign Remarkable
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Best Design Ideas to Make Christmas Email Campaign Remarkable
December 1, 2017 | 2,057 views

Finally, Thanksgiving is over and we survived Black Friday.
Now it is the right time to start preparations for the best holidays of the year. The hot time for sending out newsletters has started. The Race has begun. And you are welcome to use our email marketing templates.

But is it easy, in fact, to make people pay attention to your company among a thousand offers? No!

Please, calm down: the things are not that complicated. The trick of success is simple. If you think that the main goal of all Christmas campaigns is to sell goods, then you are completely wrong. Its main goal is to put a smile on your customers’ face! 🙂 And endear your company to them. This is going to make them buy your products.


And we will tell you how to do it.
The most important things you should work on are strategy and design.

Having gathered a lot of useful information, and analyzed our own experience and impressions, the Stripo Team wants to share some ideas on how to make your Christmas email Design Efficient.

Here is the list of top things to use in your Christmas Newsletters’ Design

1. Decorations

Yes, I agree, this is obvious to be mentioned, but many companies ignore it. It is up to you whether to draw Santa or a Christmas Tree. But there definitely must be something colorful in your Christmas emails to set the spirit.

You can add decorations to the product’s card if you wish.


2. Symbol of the year

Are we talking about the yellow dog?

Yes, according to the Chinese Calendar, the Yellow Dog will be the hostess of the year 2018. And among many other Christmas Newsletter’s Ideas, You may either add a small picture of a dog, wearing Santa’s hat or create a picture which you’ll use as the background for the whole message. But…


3. The perfect color

If the conception and strategy of your marketing campaign are classy, and pictures of animals don’t fit, then you are welcome to add some shades of yellow to your message.


4. Color combination

Speaking of colors, what ones are the most appropriate for the Winter Holidays? Analyses prove that cold colors are more acceptable. Don’t hesitate to paint the body of your messages in blue and violet. And please do not overuse traditional Christmas colors: green and red.

5. Add life to the header

Yes, your subscribers are already used to the standard colors of your company. And you are not obligated to change them. However, you can add “stars”, “Christmas balls”, “fireworks”, etc to the header or to the body of your message.

6. Make a holiday footer

Regarding footer, for sure, no one is supposed to change it or exclude contact information from it. Never do it! But adding some holiday spirit will never harm.


7. Customized Greeting Card

Working on the design of footers, headers, the body of the message, you can build up a complete greeting card with your logo, contact information, your value proposition, etc. Isn’t it great?

And one more advantage of creating your card instead of using a ready one from the internet is obvious: this way your newsletter will be lighter than a usual card and can be easily viewed on every digital device.

8. GIF’s to make newsletters lively

If you feel like making your newsletters energetic, add GIF’s. It is possible to make the button interactive, or add some action to the “Thank you” message, a gift or use GIF’s when you congratulate the clients. It is up to you.


9. Picture of your Team

Yes! A picture of your team. It will be nice for customers to know who has been working for them all year through. Proper to use it in your “Thanks” or “Congrats!” messages.

When optimizing your email campaign in order to make it match the spirit of the upcoming holidays, make sure you stick to all the CTA rules you used in your previous ads.

10. Wishes

Very sweet of you to add some wishes to Christmas Email Marketing Campaign. It can be short and simple, like “We wish you lots of luck”. Or it can be a poem.

If you decide to add a poem, make it center-aligned. Center-aligned texts are easier to read. Yet they do not look like educative or informational. This brings a holiday vibe to subscribers.

11. Thematic video

What can spread Christmas Spirit? Video can. It will be lovely if you share a video with your customers. Opening a Christmas marketing email, if I have a spare minute, I would love to watch a Christmas song, or to listen to it while surfing your site.

Make people happy and ready for Holidays.


🔺 By the way, thematic music or video in the message might make visitors stay longer, as they are not only reading your offer but also enjoying the music. But please:
➣ keep it within norms;
➣ one treat at a time. Don’t put everything you have into one message. It must be either a picture of Santa or a New Year’s song, as it can be distracting.

12. Greeting Video

If you please, or if you are creative enough, you can shoot the video where your whole team sings “Jingle Bells” or just say “Merry Christmas”.

Very positive and cheerful thing to do. It brings an impression that we personally know the people who we deal with in your company. A feeling of family! Very important for business.
Too bad many companies skip it.

⭆ Do not change trigger emails. You are just greeting newcomers at your website. Leave your welcome emails the way they are now. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to work on the Christmas design for your confirmation messages.     

Let us tell you a few words when you should start the newsletter’s campaign.

The sooner the better!

Some magazines recommend starting this campaign right after Black Friday, while others suggest that you do it in early September. We leave it at your discretion.

But the biggest reason why you should have your email campaign started sooner than the beginning of December is to remind your audience that the Holidays are coming. Once you set the Christmas spirit, people will love to buy your products, whether it is decorations, or clothes, or anything else.    

Now you are aware when you need to start the campaign and what ideas for Christmas Newsletters to implement.
But what should you write in your emails? Typical texts? Heaven forbid! Magical season requires special messages.

Perfect moment to talk about strategy.

A strategy of your campaign:

1. Create a series

When you start the campaign at least a month prior to the Holiday, you can make a series of newsletters. It will make your company interesting and memorable.

      ➣ choose the proper quantity of messages for the whole campaign;
      ➣ each message should be a continuation of the previous one. For example, you may start a story, and finish it in the next email campaign;
      ➣give your subscribers a tip in each message on how to make the holiday unforgettable. Or in the first Christmas campaign, indicate that those who read your next message will receive additional 25% off to the planned sale, as the promo code is about to be revealed only then;
      ➣your whole Christmas campaign must have one theme, which you have already thoroughly thought about and coherently planned. Stick to it during the whole promotion;
      ➣add a tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year all over the world.

Let it be the weirdest or funniest tradition or something you have never heard before. Or funniest stories connected with holidays. This would surprise your subscribers. It is also supposed to bring sweet memories of their celebrations, which may urge them to purchase your product right away.

🔺Benefits you receive by choosing Stripo email templates: Saving time!

You create 1 Christmas template, save it in your account with the template builder and then you use it during the whole campaign, just changing your offer and text in the body of the message!

2.  Offer

Important: Do not start your Winter Holidays Campaign with offers and sales. After Black Friday, people are sick and tired of that. Don’t irritate them. Spread positive emotions. Be unique!

a) Gifts
It would be very kind of you to give some presents to your current customers (Note!: not to subscribers). It may be a $5 discount on their next visit. That is nice and shall make you stand out from the rest of the newsletters.


b) Sales
This is a very good idea to work on a design, to add some cool features and give presents to your subscribers, but please do not forget to offer them discounts!! This is one of the main things we all love about ads.

c) Gratitude
Thank all your customers for having been with you for quite a long time or for just joining your company. Would your business exist without them? Right, it wouldn’t. That is why the coming holidays are a good reason to thank people. To mention that you care about them. Emphasize they are not only your customers but also friends and maybe even a big family of yours.

Look at the example. It says nothing but “thanks”. Show your concern and appreciation.


But don’t forget to include your logo and signature into the message. Be polite 🙂

3. Be available on all your social nets

When preparing for holidays, people might be busy and may not have time to visit your website. In case of emergency, they may try to connect with you via Twitter, Instagram or   Facebook. Make sure you add these options to the footer of your Winter Holidays newsletters.

Easy to add your Facebook or Twitter link with Stripo.


And here are the most important thing you should do on Christmas and New Year’s Eves:

Enjoy the Holidays

This year you have done enough and Christmas is the family time, when you can rest and enjoy the time off! And do not forget to call your friends to thank them, too.

Christmas spirit is full of happiness, expectations of a better life, we are full of new ideas and strength to implement them.

Here, you see some examples of our templates, that are ready to use




More Templates here.
Stripo Team wishes you success!

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