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13 August 2019

HR Email Templates: How to Create Beautiful Emails

Stripo / Blog / HR Email Templates: How to Create Beautiful Emails

You’re an HR manager looking for HR email templates to save your time? Find them here along with powerful tips on HR email design, content… 

No matter what you are doing: welcoming a new hire, or reaching out to employees for sharing some news, you spend a whole lot of time on building emails if building them from scratch.

Stripo offers a number of ready-to-use HR email templates that help you spend half as much time as you used to. Communicate with employees easily and much faster. Edit email content and send it over to new candidates right away.

We offer basic email templates that every HR manager needs:

1. Welcome a new hire on the first working day

As an HR manager, you sure want all members of your team to feel comfortable.

This welcome email sent a few days before the first working day or on the very day will help a new hire get acquainted with the key employees or with the employees this person will communicate quite often. 

It will be really helpful if you share their contact information, too. 

Remember to include their photos.

New hires will really appreciate it as this will help them avoid awkward situations when they mistakenly talk to wrong people :)

Stripo_Email Templates for HR Manager_Welcoming a New Hire

I remember the day when I just joined my current team and received a similar human resource email, I found it really helpful to read the “corporate wiki” with key information on the company, like key events, key goals and statistics, who are the biggest partners and biggest competitors of our team. 

Send this information over to new hires with your “Welcome a new hire” email.

You may also want to add some information on the courses they will take once they pass the probation period. 

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2. Announce a new hire 

No matter how big your office is — inform everyone that a new hire will join your team and let them know when it’s gonna happen. 

Be sure to add a photo of this person.

HR Email Templates to Employees_Announcing New Hire

Please, list his or her main duties and include contact information so that all employees know what questions they will need to discuss with the new person. 

In our “Announce a new hire” email template for HR managers, we also added a section where the new hire introduced herself and greeted the team. This person may be too shy or too busy to say “hi” to each and every employee. Let him/her do it via email :)

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3. Kindly remind of important dates 

Employees might be well aware of important company events. But they might get too busy to keep them all in mind.

You will do them a favor by reminding of important dates.

In our company, our HR managers remind us of other team member’s birthdays, of weekly and monthly meetings, of holidays, etc. We never forget to call our colleagues on their bdays. It sure does affect the atmosphere in our team.

Reminder fo Important Events

No matter what kind of event this is — a birthday party where you all meet to say some nice words to birthday people, or a meeting with clients — be sure to add the “Add to calendar button”. You can call it whatever you want. Our “Yes, I will make it” button, we used in this HR email template to employees, fitted our current situation best. 

Make sure to connect this button with the Google or iCalendar if you want all employees to show up ;)

Use This Template

You might also want to create an HR email from scratch on your own. If this is your case — please consider the information given below. 

Types of HR emails and their content

Basically, all emails that HR managers send could be divided into two categories:

  1. External emails — the ones they send over to candidates;

  2. Internal emails — the ones they send over to employees.

External emails

You, as an HR professional, need to send tons of emails to potential candidates before the latter join your team.

1. Job offer

Reaching out to a new candidate?

Here, you need to focus on the project you are offering the candidate for his or her consideration.

You may describe the benefits of getting part of your team.

If you need to add bulleted lists to make your email easier for perception, find them in the Text settings — the panel right above the email template you are working with.

Builing HR Emails Templates for External Use

To activate it, you need to click the necessary copy section in your human resources email template. 

2. Interview confirmation email

The candidate accepted your job offer and even successfully passed the test?

You called this person to talk over the interview date. Now you need to send him/her an interview confirmation email.

Interview Confirmation Email_HR Building Email Templates

Here, just like in all appointment confirmation emails, you need to highlight the date and time, place.

If this is an online meeting, then mention that you will provide the candidate with the link to the meeting an hour before the meeting per se. If you use the same link for all the meetings, then you might want to provide it in your interview confirmation email.

3. Introducing teammates

The interview went well and the new candidate is about to join your team? 

Now you are supposed to welcome the new hire, introduce all the team members, plans and strategies of the company. You can use our prepared “First working day” email template

Internal emails

As for internal emails, we will not cover their content here as we already have in our previous blog post “How to create an internal newsletter for employees”.

Internal Emails_HR Email Templates

Yet, we will share some requirements for their design now.

Mandatory content elements for all human resource email templates

No matter what type of email you are building: an internal one for employees or job offer for candidates, the following elements are mandatory and will make your mailings more professional.

1. Corporate header 

It goes without saying that all corporate emails for internal or external use should always contain a company logo.

Your header can be somewhat bigger than just logo if you like. For instance, our friends at eSputnik place their logo over an image. And duplicate the subject line on it, right below the logo.

HR Emails_Stripo_Header

When reaching out to candidates, please always use the same logo. But when you are sending internal emails to your employees, you can diversify your headers if you like.

2. Email signature

Why would you add a signature to such emails when all recipients are well aware of whom they are talking to?

Firstly, this is a polite gesture and requirement to all business emails which your HR email is.

Secondly, email signature makes it easy for a candidate or your teammates to contact you whenever they need to. 

HR Email Signature for HR Email Templates

What makes a good email signature for HR emails:

Your name

Be sure to include your name. Candidates and new hires will need it to know how to call you when you have a face-to-face conversation. 

Though, as for internal emails to current employees, including your name in such emails is rather a decision to be polite.

Contact information

People might need to contact you the way that is convenient for them to discuss some questions. Please, provide them with this opportunity. It becomes even more vital when you have switched to a new page on LinkedIn or when you start using a new social media channel more often than the previous one.

If you have a corporate phone which employees can use to access you, be sure to add it in your HR email signature.


This is an optional element. But it is always nice to “see” the person you are talking to.

Save time on crafting HR email templates with Stripo

Those who prefer building HR emails on their own can also save time on crafting emails. How? 

Save the most commonly used modules of your emails or entire emails HR email templates to employees to your personal content library.

When reaching out to new candidates or sending over a new monthly update to current employees, you will only need to make slight changes to this email template without the necessity to work on email structure, on header, footer, your contact information, etc.


Subject line

All subject lines should be clear. Just by looking at it, recipients need to get a clue what the email will be about.

Examples of good subject lines:

  • Meet Andrea! ;

  • Reminder about Juliet’s birthday;

  • Jason is leaving our team. Hurry to finish your common tasks;

  • Kate is moving to another office;

  • Vote on the date for Office Holiday party;

  • Office Christmas Party will be held on… ;

  • Monthly reports_MONTH;

  • Weekly meeting starts in 20 minutes.

Final words

No matter if you choose our ready-to-use HR email templates to employees or decide to build your ones from scratch, stick to the recommendations given below:

  1. Specify sender name;

  2. Stick to corporate style. Not only when it comes to design, but it also concerns the way of communication;

  3. Send internal emails on a regular basis. 

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