7 Tips for Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages

Hanna Kuznietsova
7 Tips for Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages
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7 Tips for Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages
February 8, 2018 | 2,526 views

While many companies are afraid to let the customers go, successful brands insert the unsubscribe option to every email they are sending. Young companies think that letting people unsubscribe is like losing them. Take a look at it from another angle — in fact, you just clean your base of contacts and send newsletter emails only to those who are interested in you. This way you protect your brand from being reported as spam.

General reasons why people unsubscribe from us:
     ● High frequency
     ● Irrelevant information
     ● Change of the customer’s preferences
     ● Loss of interest in your brand

The killer reasons to start adding “unsubscribe” button or “unsubscribe” links to your emails and design an unsubscribe email page if you have not yet:
     ● The less indifferent people receive your newsletters, the less you are reported as spam.
     ● You will not waste your money — not a high amount of it, but still the money — on those who no longer like your company.
     ● In Western Europe and the US, it is illegal to send newsletters without the “unsubscribe” option. The fine here will be $16,000 per email address.
     ● You give the customers a freedom of choice. This is a powerful weapon to make people want to stay.

Ok, now we are sure that we need to add the unsubscribe options to our emails.

Where should we place it? Traditionally, we put it in the footer.

To my mind, HubSpot provides a perfect unsubscribe link. Even here they think of the customers and offer them a choice:


The Readdle company informs the clients about the frequency of newsletters and the kind of content. It is very thoughtful of them. Actually, this is a perfect idea. In case you do not want to receive their news that often, just unsubscribe.


If you forgot to add the “very button” to your promotional newsletters, Gmail does it for you. Your displeased customers will still have an opportunity to stop receiving your emails. Google did it to help it’s users to get rid of annoying numerous promotions. How does it work? Gmail the “unsubscribe” request to your email.



I do like reading CNN news, love every post of theirs. But for the sake of experiment, I clicked “Unsubscribe”.

How to add a link to the button with Stripo designer:
     ➢ from the “Structure” drag&drop a new line and place it exactly where you need;


     ➢ right in the new structure choose the “button”;
     ➢ set the text color for the button;
     ➢ set the button color. We recommend making it transparent in order to fit the email design;
     ➢ insert the link.


Where should the link take us to? Right, to the unsubscribe confirmation page on your website. There are many types of them.

In this article, we want to show you some effective email unsubscribe pages and survey their unique features.

7 Tips For Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages

To gather beautiful examples for the article, I needed to unsubscribe from all the newsletters I kept receiving. Must confess that I was sorry to do that. Once I received the desired unsubscribe page examples, I hurried to subscribe back.

And I noticed that there are two ways to unsubscribe: single opt-in and double opt-in.

The single one means that customers unsubscribe with just one click. The double opt-in requires more actions from your customers.

Single opt-out

Tips 1. Resubscribe button

I felt extremely sad when unsubscribed from the Tiffany’s news. Gosh… But they immediately offered me to “resubscribe”. Thank you, guys! Was glad to be back to you. This is a very good idea to let your customers do this. Especially if they clicked the “unsubscribe” button accidentally.


Tiffany&Co. notifies the clients it will take up to 48 hours for updates.

Tip 2. Unsubscription Confirmation

Always notify the customers they will no longer receive messages from you. But do not send anything to their email, as mail clients will barely like it that you send the messages to the address which no longer want to receive them.

Then how can you do it? Display the unsubscribe confirmation message right on your website. Of course, I resubscribed to the CNN news and MindMeister’ 🙂



Double opt-out

Tip 3. Retyping email address

The cursor of the mouse moved away, a person was just wiping his/her keyboard or the text in the message was too small and someone just missed the right button and accidentally clicked “unsubscribe”. In order to avoid these accidental mistakes, ask the customer to type in their email address. Or even retype, like Pepsi does it.


Tip 4. Alternative

Always, always provide the alternative to your clients. If daily newsletters is more than enough, the biweekly newsletters is probably exactly what they want. Give people a choice. Especially, if they would really love to read your emails on weekends. This is the perfect unsubscribe text message example.


Tip 5. Preferences update

Reasonable to offer the clients set/change preferences as many of them leave us for irrelevant information.

Some time back I wanted to stop receiving emails from Adidas because all their newsletters were about men’s sports clothes. I was not interested in that. Why did I receive those at all? Because I was looking for a present for my friend. Adidas suggested that I update the preferences.

And now every time when I see their message in my email inbox, I am glad. And keep shopping with them.

Don’t miss your chance to retain the customers.


Hipmunk also offers the clients to update information. You may no longer be interested in receiving info about flights but you still travel across the country, and up-to-date information about the hotels will be more than useful for you.


When the customers update their preferences, you should send them a notification to their email. For this purpose, you may need an unsubscribe page HTML template. With this email, you inform the customers about new terms and new topics for the newsletters.

Tip 6. Funny image or video

If you are not spreading the news, why not make a funny unsubscribe response to your customers? Funny or cute. But please do not do it like the Groupon Company did. Now each and every entertainment organization does it. Boring… Create something different.

I, as a girl, would love to see a cute probably extremely sad puppy. Then I would stay. As an idea, your puppy may be sad. Then you ask me if I am sure I want to unsubscribe. Attach two different images: sad one with “Yes, I still want to” and a happy one with “No, I changed my mind”.

Tip 7. Very short quiz

When providing a short quiz, here your main goal is not to retain the customer but to hear his/her honest and fair feedback.

Ask just 3-4 questions or even use google form where the customer chooses just one right answer: “too often”, “not interested”, “high prices” or “poor choice of products”, etc.

Eventually, you will be able to analyze the answers and hopefully make some changes to your future marketing campaigns.

Best design practices

For all the unsubscribe pages and text messages, the design should be straight and simple, painted in brand colors.

And of course, there should be one CTA button — “unsubscribe”. When offering a choice on an unsubscribe page, make sure to add two CTA buttons —the “update preferences” and the “unsubscribe” button itself.

Companies I would never want to leave

If your newsletters are always interesting, sent in a timely manner, beautifully shaped, your chances to retain the customers increase.

But there are two companies I would never love to leave:

Hipmunk for their lovely chipmunk. He is so cute and always cheerful. I actually wait for their newsletters sometimes. They dress up their brand hero for special occasions and at the end of every email they mention they send it with love.


I love this. Thank you!

CampaignMonitor is worth being mentioned here also. First of all, they send relevant news and fresh blog posts. Secondly, for:


Guys, thank you. I like it… No, I love it. Even if I know you send it to millions of other users.

Make your clients feel special, valued and unique along with appropriate news. And they will always get back to you


Here, we surveyed the unsubscribe page best practices and paid high attention to their unique features. In order to retain the customers you should:
     ➢ Never stop your customers if they want to go. Instead, offer them a choice — add the “unsubscribe button” to all emails you send out.
     ➢ Apply any of the features mentioned above.
     ➢ Provide them with only relevant newsletters.
     ➢ Use double opt-out unsubscription in order to avoid accidental cases.
     ➢ According to the KnowledgeBase statistics, 2% of unsubscribers per newsletters is within marketing norms. If you go beyond this number, then you should either start A/B testing or send survey invitation emails.
     ➢ Cherish and celebrate your customers and they will not even think of leaving you.

May your customers never unsubscribe from your newsletters. Create beautiful, endearing messages with Stripo, fill them in with useful content and satisfy your customers with orderly shaped emails.

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