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Looking for an elegant template for your future campaign? Choose any from the Mailigen email templates, customize it down to fit in with your current needs, export to your account with Mailigen in just two clicks. Send out only sophisticated newsletters.

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Mailigen provides its users with a complex email template builder.

Yet, you may need Stripo to:

1. Add timers in emails

Countdown timers in your Mailigen newsletter templates are of great use for promo campaigns to urge recipients to buy from you, for product launch emails to notify subscribers regarding how soon you’re going to reveal more details.

Just drag a Timer block into your template, set the time zone, set the expiry date and time. Work on the appearance of your timer — to make it fit in with your Mailigen email design. Then choose what your customers will see if they open emails after the time is over — “Zeros” or an “Expired time image”.

Now your countdown timer is finished.

2. Create interactive elements

Interactive emails’ popularity is constantly growing. Now more and more email designers and coders are looking for ways to add interactivity in their email campaigns.

With Stripo, it’s no longer a problem — you do not need to code anything, no need to seek for codes on the web — just implement image rollover effect in your Mailigen HTML email templates in just 1 click.

Also, we offer some email templates that already contain the following interactive elements:


a. Embedded HTML5 video;

b. Accordion menu;

c. Image carousel;

d. CSS animation — snowflakes for the Christmas season, with a background image that can be easily replaced;

And so on.

Choose any of these templates, replace the links and images and your Mailigen email template is ready to go!

All the interactive templates we offer have a fallback in their codes. This means those recipients whose email clients do not support a certain “class” will see alternative that you have previously set.

Final thoughts

By using these two tools that complement each other, you’ll make your free Mailigen newsletter templates even more sophisticated and effective.

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